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Com - J.Rabbit expands over toon town.
This is a commission for: :iconmonitor49:monitor49
its a continuation from this:…

Jessica Rabbit has grown so big and fat that her body is swelling up over Toon town, and she is loving every second of her expansion.

This took far too long to make, the background (which I rarely make) took hours and hours, but overall I'm pretty happy with how this one came out, I hope you like it too.

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She Grows

Disclaimer: this story contains themes of an adult nature and so if you are easily offended or under age then stop reading now or it may warp your fragile little mind. This story contains Weight gain; featuring breast & butt expansion, with fat expansion, giantess, vore and male penis growth.

MI6 – Case 47883
This government file is just one part of the many files relating to the company known as ‘BritBE Inc.’.  This company is responsible for more than 72% of all incidents known as ‘body expansion/inflation’ around the world. It appears many of the end users of BritBE Inc.’s products are even unaware of the company’s name; only after others have back tracked through the events does the name ever pop up.
Here is the case study of two such users; this information has been collected from first, second and third hand sources, but is believed to be as accurate an account as possible.


Harry was out on the pull, he’d been without a female companionship for a week and without sex for nearly a month. But despite the high amount of women that went to the same places as him, Harry found it hard to find a girl he fancied. You see Harry liked his women to be large, big would be a better description and in his fantasies the bigger the better. He didn’t class himself as a mere breast, butt or belly man, he wanted a girl with it all. He’d dated a few girls on the plump or chubby side, but they’d never been happy with their weight and were always trying to drop it, this nearly always ended the relationship and Harry moved on. He’d had thin girls in the past but whenever a fat girl walked by he had found his eyes watching them and not the thin girl he was with.
And tonight was turning out to be like the rest of the week had been; nothing but skinny girls everywhere. As he left his third club and headed to the next door pub and he started going over his last girlfriend in his head: Clare, she was sexy, but way to jealous and self-conscious about her figure; she had lovely deep ebony skin, soft C cup breasts, a chubby belly and a butt so big it over hung the sides of chairs. But she was psychotically jealous of his time, if she didn’t get his full attention wherever they were then she’d start losing her temper, and when he had mentioned he liked her ‘big butt’ the last time they had had sex, she exploded in rage; evidently she had been very negatively aware of its size. So it had all ended and Harry found himself looking for that perfect girl again.
When he got in the pub his eyes instantly started scanning the room for unaccompanied girls sporting the kind of poundage he desired. Only one girl fitted the bill, she sat with her side to him at the bar, scoffing down a super sized bowl of cheese sauce covered nachos. He gauged her curves; she had on a figure hugging tube dress which was vertically striped, this made her bulbous butt seem wider as it distorted the strips. Her bulging belly strained the material even more and threatening to burst out the top of the dress were her big breasts; as they fought for space in the tight garment; he studied the form of the woman’s chest, and from breathes between mouthfuls he reckoned them to be G cups or more, all of this he liked intensely.
Playing cool he walked up to her and said “Hi, what brings you here?”
The girl finished her mouthful, turned her head and said with all the tones of recognition “I was waiting for you, do you like what you see?”
Harry realised who it was in less than a second and gapped the reply “Anna!”
Harry had known Anna about ten years, ever since college, she was a good friend but not Harry’s type; she was short, thin and rather flat chested with shoulder length brown hair. Harry got the feeling sometimes that she wanted more from their friendship but nothing happened about it and he wasn’t going to push it. But he’d seen her last week at a party and she hadn’t looked any different than normal, now she sat here with a rather satisfied look on her face and the size of a plump porker, what was going on?
“I… Wh… What happened? You’re huge!” He blurted out; totally losing the cool he had started with.
She giggled at him; Harry noticed this made her whole body wobble sexily.
“Come on big boy, I’ll explain.” She said taking him by one hand and her bowl of nachos in the other and heading to an empty booth.
They sat down, Anna’s butt taking a seat and a half’s worth of space in the booth, Harry stared at her in disbelief, taking in all her size.
“But how?” he gesture to her body “I saw you last week at my ‘single again’ party; you looked like you normally do.” He finished.
“Yes and I was my old size, but I was tried of getting passed over for other girls so I took the opportunity to search your room for your…” she blushed a little “you know, most guys have some hidden in their room. Well I found yours.” Anna finished still blushing but looking Harry straight in his eyes, Harry gulped.
“And they were full of big fat girls. I was surprised, I though all guys wanted was big tits and long legs.” She said in a high whisper, Harry remained in shocked silence, so she continued “That’s when I got my plan; I’d get fat for you, if you liked you girls big then I was going to get as big as I could for you. Because Harry…” She paused and touched his hand with hers “I love you, I always have, and I’d do anything to be with you. Please say you’ll have me.” She finished softly with a slight pleading in her voice. It took a long few seconds for Harry to process this surprise and what her final statement was.
“Sure Anna, I never knew you felt like this.” He answered and she sighed and smiled widely “But just remember; I’m only after your body.” He finished jokingly.
She laughed and moved around to hug him; he felt her warm soft body pressing into him and he hugged her tighter, after which they sat side by side and started chatting.
“So you’ve been stuffing food all week?” Harry asked.
“No, actually I started yesterday.” She replied with a grin and took another hand full of nachos. Harry nearly spat his mouthful of drink out.
“What? You got this big in a day?” He coughed, trying to keep calm. Anna grinned still wider and gave a look of knowing excitement to him.
“You really like fat girls don’t you? I also found your fattening stories, the ones that tell tales of girls getting fatter and fatter, though you call it ‘Weight Gain’.” She said in a soft and clear voice “Well I’ve got your fantasy; you see I had a bit of help putting this on.” She grabbed a handful of belly in each hand “I found a serum that helps you gain weight fast; its label said that for every pound I eat I’ll put on five.” She paused, Harry’s mouth had fallen open and his trousers were pitching a tent. “Now I know you like that, and what’s more I can even tell you how much I’ve gained since yesterday.” She paused again, Harry hanging on her every word. “I’ve put on 158 pounds. And a few more since I’ve been out tonight, making me over 280 pounds.” She finished and put her leg over his, one hand on his groin and the other brought the last of the nachos up to her mouth.
Harry felt her leg and ran his hand up it and onto the curve of her belly, it might have been his imagination but he thought he could feel her getting bigger; her boobs were definitely straining to escape more.
“So this new you, do you like it?” Harry asked as he gave her belly a caress.
“Do you mean do I like being fat?” Anna corrected him, he nodded and she continued “Well I can’t say its been my fantasy but I do like eating and I can now eat anything I want and all I’ll do is put on weight making you want me even more, so yes, I do like being FAT.” She finished by pressing herself into him, her soft heavy body squishing into and around him; Harry had his face buried in her bulging tits as she swallowed her last mouthful.
“I’m finished here, shell we go back to yours for dessert?” Anna said coyly, her plump lips sucking off the last of the cheese from her fingers.
They made out in the taxi on their way to his place; Harry fondling every curve of her body, he wasn’t sure but he thought she was bigger now then when he had first seen her earlier in the pub. They fell through the door to his house in each others arms after Harry had fumbled with the lock. He desperately wanted to see her getting bigger so he pulled her to the kitchen rather than the bedroom.
“I have to see this serum work, wait here I’ve just got to get something.” He left her in the kitchen and went to retrieve the scales from the bathroom, when he returned Anna was emptying the contents of the fridge onto the table. She saw the scales and knew what he wanted, he put them down and she stepped on; the dial showed 291 pounds.
“Wow! Anna I think you’re the biggest girl I’ve gone out with.” Harry said happily.
“That’s nothing, I’m going to get much bigger for you yet, you watch. You’ll never need to look at another woman again; I’ll get so fat for you that you’ll need to get a place with double doors.” Anna stated mischievously.
At that she went to the table and took four slices of thick-cut bread and scoffed them, followed by a chunk of cheese, a spoon full of butter and another two of mayonnaise.
“It said the serum works best with fatty foods.” She explained with a gulp between words. Then she returned to the scales; it started on 292, then over the next minute it went to 293, 294, and 295, right up to 298 pounds, the dress gave a little creaking sound as she stepped off the scales.
“There, what do you think of that?” She stated proudly “Am I your dream girl or what?” Anna finished rubbing her big belly.
“You’re a fantasy come true Anna.” Harry replied and hugged and kissed her again, taking the time to notice how much softer she felt; her weight was really starting to fill her out in some very sexy ways.
“I’d love to see you get over 350 pounds though.” He requested.
Anna looked up into his eyes and said “Pass me the chicken.”
“Sure, do you want the legs or breast?” He asked as he reached for the big plate containing a large roast chicken.
“No, the whole thing…” She answered and took the plate from him “I found I could do this last night.” And with that she took the chicken in both hands and opened her mouth; Harry gasped as her mouth stretched bigger and wider than should be humanly possible, soon she could fit the whole chicken into her mouth and with a mighty gulp Harry watched as it then went down her throat, stretching the skin, and down into her belly.
“That was a seven pound bird!” Harry cried out in awe.
“Well it’s about to become thirty-five pounds of ME” Anna smiled greedily and the two looked down at her waistline.
They both saw her body swell; slowly but surely her belly expanded, her butt ballooned and her breasts inflated. The tube dress gave ominous straining noises as it tried to contain her now bulging 333 pound frame.
Harry was just about to loose his restraint and take Anna there and then, when the sound of the front door opening made him spin round. Too late he remembered Clare still had the spare key, Harry found her in the living room holding Anna’s jacket in her hands, a look of anger rising on her face.
“Who’s is this?” Clare demanded shaking the jacket at Harry.
“It’s mine!” Anna answered; Harry spun again to see Anna had followed him and now stood in the doorway to the kitchen.
Clare gave her a look that could melt granite, but she didn’t recognise the woman as Anna.
“Who’s this FAT BITCH?” Clare shrieked at Harry, Harry made to respond but Anna walked passed and spoke first.
“I’m Anna, and you’re not wanted here anymore, you dumped Harry so you have no right to be here.” Anna stated in a cold and firm tone as she stood in front of Clare. Clare looked down at the slightly shorter woman’s face, recognition light in Clare’s eyes and she looked down further at Anna’s big fat body. From Harry’s view he could clearly see that Clare was taller, but Anna was definitely bigger overall, only Clare’s huge butt could be seen past the sides of Anna.
A very long few seconds passed in silence as the two girls stared at each other, then Clare’s rage took her; she grabbed Anna’s hair and started to try and drag her to the floor. Anna responded by trying to push her off, this caused the two of them too fall back; Anna landing on top of Clare. The two continued to wrestle on the floor as Harry watched, unsure of what to do. Clare tore at Anna’s tight dress and her boobs burst their restraints; bouncing free and temporarily smothering Clare with their HH cup hugeness. It appeared Anna’s weight was keeping Clare pinned to the ground, but it would only be a matter of moments before Clare finally broke free.
Then Harry saw Anna opening her mouth wide, he froze in shock as he realised what Anna was about to do. Clare didn’t see it coming; but the next second Anna had forced Clare’s head into her mouth. Clare thrashed wildly but Anna’s weight pinned her too well, then Anna had Clare’s shoulders in her mouth too. Anna slide back off of Clare so as to get to swallow more of her; this let one of Clare’s arms escape Anna’s soft but heavy pin. It flailed around trying to get a hold of Anna somehow, but Anna’s soft flesh gained Clare no purchase.  Inch by inch Anna swallowed Clare down; after her shoulders, Anna soon passed over her breasts and down her navel. Anna sat back on Clare’s legs; bringing Clare into a sitting position. Only Clare’s lower arm waggled now, her legs still pinned under Anna’s butt. As Anna swallowed past Clare’s plump belly she had to stand up and lift Clare up, Harry stared as Anna used some kind of hidden strength to swung Clare’s lower half up into the air and held the woman’s thrashing lower half over her head, getting gravity to help Clare go down.  Anna’s mouth stretched wider and wider to gape over and around Clare’s huge three foot wide butt, after gulping past that Clare’s thighs and legs rapidly disappeared, Harry dodge as one of Clare’s shoes came flying past him as Clare’s foot gave one last flail before Anna closed her mouth.
“What did you do?” Harry mouthed softly.
Anna gave a hefty burp and turned to face him; her belly was massive; bumps and mounds passed over it as her ‘meal’ shifted inside her.
“Well she always was useless, so I decided to put her to a good use; making me bigger!” Anna giggled in a girly voice. Then her eyes light up “Quick, pass me my bag.” She finished, Harry did so and Anna pulled a small purple bottle out of it.
“Quickly into the bedroom, I want this to happen in there.” Anna said quickly, she took Harry by the hand and then led him through; her massive belly wobbling from side to side and brushing the sides of the doorframe as she entered into his bedroom.
In the room Anna pushed him onto the bed along with her bag. Her weight was already expanding slowly as Harry saw her drink the contents of the bottle.
“What was that? Another weight gain serum?” he asked.
“Better” she replied “If you like big girls just watch me grow” she explained and took up the position in the centre of the room.
Harry could see Anna swelling already with the mass of Clare becoming five times bigger and spreading to Anna’s breasts, belly and buttocks, among other things. When he saw one of her shoes burst, and then the other, Anna grinned widely; her stretchable mouth letting her smile become very wide indeed.
“It’s working” Anna shrieked happily “Look at me, I’m growing, I can feel it; I’m getting bigger all over!” She squeaked in ecstasy.
And Harry watched as Anna started to get not only fatter and rounder but taller too; she had been 5’ 6”, but now she was as tall as him at six foot. The over stretched tube dress had passed its limit and burst it’s seems in a loud rip; Anna’s now bare tits bounced free; they were the size of footballs and still swelling. Her legs grew longer and her thighs filled out with more fat as they expanded. Anna’s belly ballooned outwards like it was being filled with water; creamy flesh spread out in all directions. She rose higher and expanded wider than any of Harry’s fantasies. Grinning still Anna had to duck as her head bumped the ceiling as she passed nine feet tall, the furniture now started to be pushed aside by her expanding girth.
“Look at me Harry, just look at me; I’m swelling bigger and bigger!” Anna cheered.
Harry sat forward a look of desire and lust on his face, he placed a hand tentatively on her expanding seven foot wide belly; it felt soft but pushed his fingers back as it continued to inflate. Anna giggled again and looked down at him as he wrapped his arms as far around her as he could.
“You know, I’ve wanted to be with you for years, who knew I’d have to get as fat as a room to have you caress me like this. Go on, give me a squeeze, and caress your fantasy. I’m getting so big and fat and its all for you.” She encouraged.
“You’re magnificently massive. I never knew someone could get this big.” Harry said as her swelling belly pushed him back onto the bed; which itself had been push into a corner of the room.
“I suppose I should have seen that you liked the bigger girls, but they say hindsight makes fools of us all. But I have to say I really like this expansion thing; I could get quite used to having you as ‘my little man’, what do you think?” She said looking down at him from the ceiling as she knelt on her knees so as to have more room to grow. Cracks started to appear on the walls and ceiling where her body was pressing against it, but Anna continued to get bigger and bigger; if she could have stood upright she must have been sixteen feet tall, her belly a massive thirteen feet wide, her breasts riding atop her belly and swelling past the size of whether balloons and her butt pressed tight to the far wall; spreading nine feet wide (that’s the title picture right here).
“Woo, look out down there, I’m still growing. You best get on the bed, I think I’m using up the entire floor.” Anna chuckled making her belly and breasts wobble and gyrate.
Harry did as she said and watched her continue to swell bigger and wider than his craziest fantasies.
“You’re a fat-goddess Anna, I love you.” He called out to her; she beamed back a terrific smile.
The walls continued to crack and most of the furniture was crushed as Anna searched for more room to grow into.
“I hope you haven’t got anything in your loft Harry. Because I’m out of room, I’m going to have to go up.” Anna stated.
Harry held his arms over his head as Anna pushed against the ceiling, in seconds it gave way and Anna pushed up into the roof space as debris rained down.
“That’s better, I can sit up now. Oops, watch out for bits darling.” She beamed down at him.
Harry cleared the bits of wood and plaster off himself and gazed up at the huge fat giantess in his room, the boner in his trousers straining for release.
“Wow, look at you. I think you’ve stopped growing now… you’re massive!” He said in awe.
Anna looked over herself and giggled like a school girl “Yes it appears so, this is the new me; near on twenty feet tall by the looks of it, and with more curves than you’ve ever dreamed of.” She finished as she rubbed the sides of her 15 foot sphere of a belly.
“So that purple bottle made you a giantess as well, I like it.” Harry stated with a grin as he stepped forward and caressed her huge belly. “How long have you wanted to be a giantess?” he asked patting her belly and watching the ripples.
“I’ve always wanted to be taller, a giantess is something new, but I’m glad you do like me tall, it makes me so happy. I wasn’t sure if you’d take to a taller me, granted I didn’t think I’d get this high, perhaps the weight gain serum reacted with the height gain serum, because I reckon I’m a lot bigger than just five times the weight of Clare.” Anna said examining herself.
“As great as this is babe, there is a small problem.” Harry said.
“What?” Anna asked tilting her head to the side, some dust floated down off her hair.
“Well I don’t know about you but I’m as horny as hell and… well… you’re a bit on the big side for you to… you know… feel me inside you.” He answered delicately.
Anna grinned and pointed at her bag on the bed “In my bag is a red bottle for you, Stud. You might as well drink the whole bottle, I have a feeling you’ll like the result as much as I will.” She grinned with a sly wink.
“Oh I see, a little fantasy for each of us is it, well I’m game.” He said pulling out the red bottle and downing its contents. “Wow that’s got a zing to it.” He finished.
“You might want to take off your clothes.” Anna stated eagerly.
Harry striped quickly, unsure what to completely expect, but he soon found out. Within seconds of stripping he felt his cock getting heavier, looking down he watched as his erect dick grew from nine inches to over twenty inches long and it tripled in girth. He balls swelled to, growing to the size of softballs. Then he felt his arms and legs swelling as muscles began to expand all over his body as the serum nearly doubled his body mass.
“Oh goody, my little man just got big enough for his girl, and she wants him NOW!” Anna purred greedily as with a mighty crunching noise she pushed out an internal wall so she could have more room to manoeuvre in front of him.
Harry needed no more prompting and leaped over the debris and her thigh and thrust his manhood into her and the two groaned meaningfully at each others touch. Harry flexed he new muscles and squeezed his arms as far round Anna’s vast belly as he could, pumping his huge cock in and out of her moist sex. Anna bit her lower lip staining to hold in her moans of pleasure, whilst rubbing her huge tits and rocking back and forth on her massive ass to the rhythm of Harry’s thrusts. Both of them were already so turned on that it took almost no time for them to reach climax; Anna gasped in pleasure first, her body started to shake and jiggle as wave after wave of orgasmic spasms shook her gigantically fat form. Harry wasn’t far behind; he burst the biggest load of his life into Anna and felt her pussy clamp hard around his huge cock.
A few moments later the two were panting in relief, Anna laid back on the floor over two rooms as her giant belly and boobs projected up into the loft space, and Harry rested back against her inner left thigh, both too shagged out to move.
“Wow… that was… amazing!” he sighed heavily with a smile.
“Mmmm… I agree.” Came Anna’s reply for the next room.
Then Harry felt Anna’s thighs moving closer together.
“Careful Honey I’m still between your thighs here.” He called out as he moved to get more room to stand.
“I’m not moving Harry, you’re squeezing against me.” Anna called back.
Harry looked around at Anna’s huge form and realised she was growing again, had his cum made this happen? Or had she not finished growing from before? All this pasted through his mind as he struggled to get out from between her expanding legs, luckily his new muscles were strong enough to aid him, but only just.
Meanwhile Anna could feel herself growing again too; she could feel what felt like liquid fat expanding throughout her whole body. Her cheeks, lips, chin, neck, arms, hands, fingers, boobs, nipples, belly, buttocks, thighs, carves, feet and toes all were swelling up with soft plump fat.
“Harry, you better get out if you can. I’ve got a feeling I’m going to get too big for your house this time.” She called out as she tried to leave enough room for him to escape. Harry didn’t need telling twice, and had already been making his way to the door. He hefted aside part of her bloating belly and squeezed out the door and into the living room and he had little time to gasp at the top half of Anna as he ran by to get out of his front door.
Meanwhile Anna was getting bigger and fatter by the second, she soon gained a second chin and then a third, her cheeks swelled outwards and her lips grew so big and full that they obscured her nose completely. Anna wasn’t scared, only a bit concerned for Harry, as she was loving her expansion; she could feel every bit of her expanding and inflating body as she grew bigger and bigger. The fat filling out her body was warm and some how exciting her, she wanted more and for it to never end. Another internal wall gave out as she continued to fatten up, she could feel and hear to external walls groaning under the pressure of her ballooning body.
Now outside Harry stood in his front garden and looked as his home, first he could only hear the destruction inside, and then he began to hear and see the outside walls bending and creaking. He backed up some more, and just in time as the walls burst apart letting the gigantic belly and buttocks of Anna expanding over where he had just been standing.
The noise soon had other people coming out onto the street, it may have been getting dark but Harry became aware that he was naked and still had a twenty inch boner, so he dives into the debris and grabbed a curtain up and tried it around himself like a towel.
Harry circled around the rear quarter of the now true gigantic Anna, her great fat butt was as wide as his house had been. Then he passed along her vast side, the swell of her gargantuan belly making his cock stiffen even more, to the point that it was aching for release by the time he got around into his backyard and looked up at her front, his mouth forming a great ‘O’ of aroused astonishment.
Anna could just see him down below her, the bloated swell of her breasts, her fat multi-chins and vast curvature of her giant belly getting somewhat in the way. But when her eyes caught sight of him she beamed with delight at his expression and raising her fat arms up to her bust and giving it a kneed she purred down at him “So what do you think, am I big enough for you?”
At this Harry’s throbbing boner burst its load, shooting the curtain off from around his waist and landing the last of its jets of cum some impressive feet up the front of her belly. Anna saw and felt the effect she had on him and knew that he was now hers forever.

The End.
She Grows!
Here is the story, it features Weight gain, breast and butt expansion, giantess, vore and male penis growth.
The Title pic is here:…

This has been years in the writing and has been restarted twice, I don't know why its taken me so long to finish it but its finally as a point where I'm happy with it.
So please enjoy it and let me know your thoughts.
Commission - Queen Chrysalis
This was Commissioned by: :iconbullstud150:BullStud150
Its for: :iconscottishgiantess:Scottishgiantess as a B-day present.

This was a great deal of fun to make, I've not done many Anthro characters and this is my very first pony/horse character.
I hope you enjoy her and send your love.

She Grows - Title picture
This is the title picture for a short story I've been trying to write for a few years now.
The story will feature: food stuffing, weight gain, breast expansion, butt expansion, vore and giantess.
Story link:…

I'm not totally happy with this yet, so updates may happen, but I'm hoping my posting of this will get me to find time to finish the story.


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I appreciate your comments and favs a lot!!! Thanks so much!
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That's fine, your stuff it cool :)
MRCALIBAN Featured By Owner Edited Dec 17, 2018
Thanks for the faves!!!
BritBE Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2018
No probs :)
ZeroHour99 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
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monitor49 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2018
Hey, sorry to be a bother, but is this you?…
BritBE Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2018
Yep :)
monitor49 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2018
Okay, just making sure. You can never be too careful these days.
BritBE Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2018
Yeah, a few years ago I had one person posting my art as their own.
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