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Stamp: Immaturity?

By Britazzy
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Ok, the title is not creative...but forget about!
I'm just sick of people that take things literally.

Being an adult does not mean that you must stop liking or doing things that are considered childish.
Why a person who watch cartoons have to ''grow up''? It doesn't measures maturity :U If you are adult or even a teen and do not make things according with your ''age rules'' you automatically become a retarded, babyish, immature and other words, you're NOT totally free to have your own taste without ''stand trial'' ¬ ¬

I think that you can have a ''kid's heart'' and in the same time can be mature WHY NOT?
Being mature IS NOT be serious, be ''normal'', be intelligent, to kiss or date someone, have a car, have sex, to marry, to have babies ... ಠ_ಠ
Being mature IS be responsible, be experienced, have a structured mind ready to face the life and to assume your own things, is to have a rich and panoramic view of the life ...It's accept corrections, sustain yourself , is know your limits, is to learn from your own mistakes (not only make them) or even learn from people mistakes and many others...

People have to wake up call and use these terms in a right way. Think and search before talking nonsense.

About the stamp, It's only self expression, I don't wanna offend or judge you.
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*This stamp was based in a phrase that I found in this link ► [link]
Well, I have no idea who's the author :c

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