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TL;DR - Please comment with all the locations you'd like to attend a devMeet, and if you can organise said meet even if you have commented before.


I'm starting this journal over again as it was originally made in Sept 2010 and I for one have moved house since then. So I will only be counting requests made since the start of this year, so please leave a comment with all the places you'd like a meet.  Also please note we do need people to volunteer to be organisers or these cannot take place - you ought to be over 18 to do so.


The number one thing I see in comments or in questions is when will there be an "InsertPlaceNameHere" Meet.
As you can understand, it is not possible for us to organise a meet somewhere we do not live, we aren't a official meet organising crew moving around the country and hosting meets where ever we like, we're just normal people with money, location, and time restrictions.

So this is a feeler journal to ask everyone who wants a meet in their area to raise their hands and say where they would like a meet.  I will make a list up here with all the locations, and requests for possible organisers, who will also post separate journals for each location once they have decided to host a meet asking how many people would be interested in attending meet at "InsertPlaceNameHere", so you know whether it's worth organising or not.

I know a lot of you are new to the Meet scene, it got a lot more exposure due to the HQ tour, which was huge.  I wouldn't be too disappointed if you don't look likely to have a hoard of deviants in attendance at your meet.  Before you organise a devMeet I would recommend attending one so you get some idea of what they are like.  I attended my first at 17 and organised my first four months after than when I had turned 18.

If you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer them. There is also a section on organising a devMeet I wrote in the Guide to Devmeets

Guide to Devmeets


Location Organisers

BeccaJS  Derby / London / Manchester/ Alton Towers

Pixel-Spotlight London

greenie London

Itti Edinburgh

Twimper Winchester / Southampton / Bristol / Oxford

eighteenthstar Glasgow

ZaquiaStorm Birmingham

Location Requests
Locations in bold have a potential organiser

Aberdeen k1ngly
Basingstoke Reixma alannacrystal TheJammyLlama
Bedfordshire Rinermai
Birmingham ZaquiaStorm BronzeHalo LadyArianne Self-Epidemic xX-Daisy-chan-Xx MadRatLady HeavenhairSixes
Bournemouth  Leafyful
Bristol Twimper FlyingSkySnow Leafscatter FlyingSkySnow
Bowness-on-Windermere Willis-Crisp
Brighton xsanah
Cambridge synconi
Cantebury thecircusqueen
Cardiff r-o-b-i-n-i BlueSmudge FlyingSkySnow nonyeB Biplizard
Derby BeccaJS DingRawD TheSkaBoss
Dunstable Rinermai
East Lothian ekoru
Edinburgh  ekoru Miss-Mccookies Itti eighteenthstar Wakagi-chan
Ellesmere port Pixacious
Glasgow Miss-Mccookies eighteenthstar
Gloucester Kasimere
Guildford Gadget14 DoyouwantaJellyBaby
Hereford galacticfan
Hemel Hempstead greenie
Isle of Wight TrollsCanPaintToo TrollsCanPaintToo
Kent Spells17 Age2003 OrangeHedgehog2007
Lancashire LadyArianne
Leeds Shyion
Liverpool Liam-diamond elegantcorpse72 miseracle
London BeccaJS Pixel-Spotlight Rinermai maxwell-heza greenie Zeynep13
Luton Rinermai Kitsune-157
Manchester BeccaJS LadyArianne MuzzahAndCo TheSkaBoss LittleMissMischief harrie5 Zelleon Airbin InkiMonster DistortedSmile stebev Liam-diamond elegantcorpse72
Merseside LadyArianne
North-East England MrWitchblade
Northern Ireland dreaminginlove
Norwich tezticles
Nottingham  DingRawD
Newcastle ShadeTheWolf65 Speedeh Airbin Helen--127
Oxford Twimper alannacrystal Kiravorn
Portsmouth TrollsCanPaintToo
Sheffield  MuzzahAndCo Shyion
Southampton Twimper alannacrystal
Sunderland  Airbin
Wells Earth-Hart
Winchester Twimper alannacrystal TheJammyLlama
York Exillior
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Brighton or london
Phyonix's avatar

There will be a meet happening in London on the 16th July, details can be found on the britain page

Hope to see you there
the-gayest-chuna's avatar
Somewhere on Liverpool or London, maybe :)
Exillior's avatar
... I should probably be removed from the York list. Since I've been around Scotland for three years. :paranoid:
KHUANTRU's avatar
anywhere in london, would be nice. It be nice to meet some fellow deviant artists here in london. :happybounce: 
Sakura-and-Sequoia's avatar
Just moved to Bristol, really happy that it is on the list as well. n__n
Would be amazing to meet some fellow artists, I'll keep my eye out for future meets!

Just like :iconTheSkaBoss: living really nearby the city centre, so I would definitly join n__n (work permitted of course!)
DingRawD's avatar
Do you know when the Derby Meetup is happening?
BeccaJS's avatar
What Derby meetup?
TheSkaBoss's avatar
Pssst I moved from Manchester to Bristol. (and am right by the city centre and most DEFINITELY coming to any meets here so y'all should probably note the wheelchair so we can plan accordingly ;P)

Oh, and you can scratch me off the Derby list now, too. Ty. <3
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MrSsang's avatar
theres a Manchester Comic Con this year in july which might be interesting would people be intrested in stuff like that? 
andrewpledger's avatar
Brighton here, could potentially organise something.
FlyingSkySnow's avatar
possibility on cards trying to get one sorted :) x

FlyingSkySnow's avatar
I've tried emailing the group and comic con is getting closer I'll watch you as well , are you still interested in organising ? x
Moggymig's avatar
Yes please! ^^
FlyingSkySnow's avatar
sorry for late reply next one is in november or we could make a picnic in the castle/ bute park meet ? x
Moggymig's avatar
sure that sounds nice :3
FlyingSkySnow's avatar
COOLs I'l have a look see of what's happening in Cardiff x
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louise-rabey's avatar
Anywhere near Plymouth would be great! :D 
FlyingSkySnow's avatar
how do you become a contributor to hold one of these meets ? x
BeccaJS's avatar
Hi there

Drop the group a note with your plans and we'll set you up :)
GrindProductions's avatar
i wouldbe more than happy to help organize one in cardiff :)
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