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Full Name: Sweet Treat
Nick Name (s): Sweet
Height: 4'11"
Kill Style: Assassin style, quick after a time of watching and them swoops in with her electric battery operated saw and cuts and major arteries or uses straps to choke victim out.
Personality: mixed, soft hearted, detached, deep thinker, optamistic, depressed, half-yandere (gets jelous easily and jumps to love based conclusions easily), oblivious.
Likes: candy, roses, snow, thunder, anime, manga.
Dislikes: water, people who try to remove her scarf, sun, people who want to cuddle all the time, cartoons, comic books, video games.
Features: mouth that extends to right before her ears, sharp jagged teeth, long tenticle-like tounge, four scars on her cheeks two on each side.
Bio: she's always been considered the avarice if the three. But only in comparison to her sisters. Compared to normal childrenshe was always much quite but also most violent or over excited. She wouldn't talk much but always seemed to behave when she was give a manga or set in frount of an anime.
Eye color: dark blue
Hair Color: dull light blue
Main Clothing Color: top Dark blue, bottom dull dark blue, boots black.
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I know bro (is it funny I just woke up and responded to these?)