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Full Name: Nightmare
Nick Name (s): Night, Lady Third Eye (teasing name given by sisters (Rhym)), The Eye of the Black Moon.
Height: 6' 5"
Kill Style: She uses her third eye's hypnotic powers to make her opponents hallucinate causing them to see the most horrifying things. Things so terrible they will be forced to stay still or freak out moving and slashing around in a frenzy. This will give her an opening to kill them either because they can't move or because they were being sloppy. She will inject them with a needle filled with poison that paralyzes and then slowly kill so she can question her opponents before they die, with an empty promise of an antadote if they cooperate.
Personality:  cold, analytical, blunt, sly, stubborn.
Likes: Books, rain, poisons.
Dislikes: very loud people, very annoying people, tsunderes, sleep.
Features: third eye, black eyes with bright red pupils, bags under eyes.
Bio: she's the tallest of her sisters so she's treated as and considered to be the "oldest". She dresses the way she does because she believes the less the cheaper and is keen on saving money for when it is most needed. She fails to a know lage the consent of sex appeal so fails to see how slurry her clothes are. She never interacted much with people growing up even the scientist despite being considered the leader of the three.
Eye Color: Bright red
Hair Color: Crimson Red
Main Clothing Color: top Dark red, Bottoms are blue jeans.
I know I said I would upload these like yesterday but I got bust and my phone was being a bitch. However I bring you Night! The sister of Stalk! (Scream Stalk Hear)
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Oh look Seer's wonderful girlfriend