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So as you know I have 3 NEW creepypasta ocs. (My last journal ) and I'm thinking about writing a story with them. These three are sisters: Rhym, Night, and Sweet. You may not have noticed but these three are the opposite of see no evil hear no evil say no evil and are experiments. So what I'm thinking is starting this story from when they were little and going from there to the experiment and on wards. I plan on this story having a shit ton of gore dark themes perspective switching and I am thinkingabout possible lemons. However the lemons I may upload on a different site and just leave links to my PROFILE on those site so you can locate the lemons to read if you so chose, and leave a modified lemon free version on DeviantArt but still titling the chapter as a lemon leaving a link to the profile in the dicription. So basically saying I want to right the full back and present story for these three. However lately people seem to not give two fucks what I post/ just don't read journals or anything of mine so I wanna know. Does this sound like something ANYONE would want to read? Leave a comment below.
Also just so people see this I will also post this as a deviation not just a journal so it will be seen.
Btw if I get yes I will post pictures of these lovely ladies
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Good to know! I have the first chapter up already
i read it thanks!!
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Np I hope you enjoyed it and the rest of the series if you choose to keep reading!