Scream, Stalk, and Hear In the Name of Evil Ch.2

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Chapter 2: I Dream of Reality

No one knew what to call the little girls. So quickly the other children of the orphanage gave them nick names: Red, Blue, and Purple. At first the girls refused to leave one another’s side. They were always seen whispering to one another, always speaking in unison, moving in unison, hell they would even sneeze in unison. It was as if the were attached to each other by strings so when on of them moved the others had to mirror.

Not only that but they refused to remove there new night gowns, even when offered there old ones all clean. When asked why they would only answer “when something is gone it cannot be returned,” much to the annoyance of the orphanages care taker. The girls never bothered themselves to remember her name, she didn’t matter, but they will always remember her kindness, and…

Of course after a while they did spread out across the orphanage in a way that you could find one in a specific room everyday quite a ways from where her sister were. Each had there own quirky behavior each more chilling than the last. The children were creeped out by the children but always tried to include them and be nice to no avail.

The one they called purple was always found outside in the woods by the orphanage, not far into it but just in it so she could climb up in the trees and such. She would only leave to the playhouse when she had found an animal. The children and had decided they liked her the most when she had first brought an animal: a squirrel with a sprained foot. The little girl would answer questions the children had about the squirrel, but still speak very little.

“Where did it come from?” another little girl asked.

“The woods.” She responded.

“How did you catch him?” a boy asked.

“He was stuck in a trap.” She responded.

“What kind of trap?, another little girl asked.

“One that clamped down on his foot.” She responded.

“Does he hurt?” a girl asked.

“it’s a girl” She responded.

“okay then does she hurt?” the girl asked again.

“yes.” she responded.

And with that she wouldn’t answer any questions anymore, the children didn’t try and make her deciding she was shy and didn’t like the way she was crowded.

The next day however she was found in the garden tending to a freshly planted flower. When the children asked her about the squirrel she would not answer. And she would then repeat this the cycle going on and on with a different animal every time, yet always the same injury. Being innocent children they thought there was a mean hunter near by and that purple had let the animals go at the end of the day. However she would always refuse to let anyone help her and the garden and didn’t let anyone near it.

Her Blue-eyed sister how ever was much more of a wanderer who primary roamed the bed room halls, the play-room, and the lobby. She spoke very little and when she did speak it would send chills down people’s back and caused goosebumps. She never actually entered any rooms, the play pen, or the head office but would stare into them or stand in there doorway if they were open, and Starr at the rooms occupier. Somehow she always knew which rooms had people and which didn’t. When an adult or older kid would call her out for starring she would respond saying something like “I’m watching life, it won’t be here much longer” or “but it’s almost over.”

The scariest part of these happenings was shortly after she would watch the people an accident would happen to them. They never died but the accidents didn’t seem accidental to anyone. Like when a small girl with pigtails found dirt and worms in her play tea set teapot; or when a lovely couple came to adopt a child on to find when they went to leave with there new child there tires were all flat. The most terrifying incident was with a little boy who had a cookie jar just miss hitting him on the head ad he sat on the stares outside.

Rumors spread quickly that Blue had caused these horrible things to happen. When she was asked if indeed she had caused these things to happen she would only answer with her chilling words which didn’t help at all. The care taker would scold the children when she caught them telling rumors of course however never actually confronted the little girl herself. One days though something happened that made the children stop talking about her all together.

One day a child who was in a wheel chair fell down the stairs and died.

After that the children whispered about her instead.

While these two were creepy there sister was horrifying. She reminded the children of the women off the grudge. She refused to talk at all. She was always in the library reading very large old books, some in odd languages. She was the reason the orphanage library had little to no visitors. Children began claiming that if you turned your back to her you could feel her red eyes stare you down, and anytime you closed your eyes hers where there. Some even claimed she would wrap her tiny hand around there neck and when they turned around she was across the room as she had been.

There were still those who went to the library but ignored her anyway. Though they never turned there back to her and always sat there back facing the wall. They said they weren’t scared of her, lying cowards don’t you think?

One day a blonde and pretty teenaged girl found she had lost her hair ribbon while visiting the library. She noticed it in the red-eye girls hair and stomped over to her. When she opened her mouth to speak the red eyed girl had looked up and locked eyes with her. As soon as there eyes met the blonde fell to the ground and had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital. The girl them fell into a coma and died a few weeks later.

After that if anyone discovered the lost something in the library the would leave immediately without looking for it, though they knew who had it.

Even though these girls were in very different areas they would always show up to lunch together at the same time and go to there room at the exact same time. In fact it would be as if they just appeared there in there seat at lunch with there food placed in front of them, yet no on could recall them even entering the dining hall let alone getting a trey. And no one ever saw them enter or exit there room though when the care taker checked they were there.
If someone tried to check there room anytime before night time the three sisters would show up behind them and ask what they were doing. If a child were to check on them at night when they open the door the would be there standing directly in front of the door staring. This would even happen after the caretaker had checked and had seen they were asleep in bed.

When the sister were together the talked in unison, ate in unison, moved in unison, and even sneezed in unison.

Some thought they were demons from hell, others believed they were puppets, one little boy theorized they were aliens.

However none of these things are true. Despite the fact the children are so chillingly creepy and seemingly supernatural they are all human.

At least at this point of the story they are.

And so concludes part 1 of the story and the calm of there life. What lay ahead for these three girls? Where did they come from? What disturbed there chilling peace? Well I suppose you must be patient with this cliff hanger.
Ooooh cliff hanger! Yes I know part 1 of the story was short but that is only because it was more so an itroduction to the girls and there flat personality. I will be doing a narration and post that on youtube this next weekend and post a journal when that is up. I will make more narrations for each part of the story. Part 2 will be much longer and here is a preview of part 2

In part 2:
Shit happens.
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