Scream, Stalk, and Hear In the Name of Evil

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Part 1: The Calm
Chapter 1: Three Little Girls

No one knew who they were. It wasn’t too odd in a busy city like this one, but what was odd was their appearance’s. They each wore matching white dirty night gowns, which were splashed with muddied water from cars passing by. There brown hair was soaked and sticking to their head from the rain also plastering it to their back. Each had no shoes but plenty of scrapes and bruises of there feet. What was so odd about them is the fact they were identical triplets.
There was only one difference between them. The one who stood in the middle with her arms wrapped around her sisters had red eyes. The one who shivered the most had purple eyes. The one who would stare directly into people eyes as they walked by had blue eyes. There skin was pale and they were boney. They looked like they had been locked away in a building with no light or food for quite a while. But they didn’t, there was absolutely no clue to how they had come to be there. They didn’t walk from anywhere, they were just their.
A large and portly police officer approached the girls “YOU THERE!” he called. “What in the hell are you three doing out in the rain? Where are your parents?!”
The girls looked up at him and blinked in confusion, exchanging glances with one another before speaking unanimously “what are parents sir?”
The man sighed and grabbed one of there writs “great orphans! Now I have to go all the way across town and that’s more paperwork!” he complained dragging the girls to his police car. As if they had all been  grabbed.
They all huddled together in the back seat of the car staring through the netted widow at the police man. Yes how ironic it was. They were so fretful to this man for getting them out of the rain, and they would be the death of him from hatred of him.
The officer pulled up to the orphanage. “get out tell the lady officer cutie sent ya, she’ll understand.” He said letting out a loud laugh. The girls didn’t understand but the stepped out of the car and watched him speed away. The stared for a little while and walked up the slick stone steps and gently knocked on the door, to their new shelter and new life.
A very scrawny blonde answered that door. She was smacking gum looking down at them. “yeah can I help you?” She asked bored. “officer cutie sent us” they piped up. The girl scowled scrunching up her nose “that gross fatso can screw off, get in!” she roared dragging then in. She dragged them down the halls grabbing stuff from a basket in the way. She opened a door and pushed them in tossing them the tan night gowns closing the door. In the room was a large bed with white sheets and a dresser and chest and desk. They would come to know this as there room.
They helped each other remove there dirty night gowns and put on the new ones. They left the muddied ones in the floor and climbed into bed cuddling close together. The purple eyed sister was in the middle, the red eyed one to her right, and blue eyed one to her left. They each closed there eyed and slept for the very first time.
There future, there suffering, there new life.
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