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Full Name: Rhythem
Nick Name (s): Rhym, Chihuahua (from sisters (Night)), Bitch fit (also night), fluffy (both sisters)
Height: 4'5"
Kill Style: She is pretty emotionally attached and involved with her kills and fights like an animal. That makes her all the most dangerous and hard to perdict. She launches her self forward with her scalpel and bone saw and slashes and hacks and her victim. She will also uses her teeth.
Personality: sweet, bubbly, emotional, shy, entergetic, flustered easy.
Likes: music, singing, cuddles, and warms cozy sunshine and blankets.
Dislikes: Rain, cold, people who call her or refrence to her being a dog 
Features: dog ears and teeth, flat cheast and boyish hair style and lack of any makeup or naturally feathered out lashes.
Bio: she is considered the youngest because she is the shortest and most enotional. She thinks with her heart and is constantly fighting with night. People have always looked at her as a weakling who need special attention scince she was little.
Eye color: Grey-ish purple
Hair Color: light purple
Main Clothing Color: dark purple hoodie, black pants with white sripe, and lilac tennis shoes.
She is the hear of group
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Deaf loves her to smithereens.