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One out, one in......

The helicopter carrier / assault ship HMS Ocean (L12), prepares for her final deployment alongside 14 Wharf at Devonport. June 20, 2017. Flagship of the Royal Navy, she was commissioned in 1998. Despite a £60m refit, which would probably have kept her in service until the new Queen Elizabeth carriers join the operational fleet (2023 is one date I have heard) our accursed politicians have decreed that she will decommission after this deployment, probably later this year. HMS Ocean left Devonport on this morning's tide, June 26, 2017. Rumour has it that she will be sold off to the Brazilian Navy, but my gut feeling is that she will go for scrap. As my dad was on the old Ocean (R68) I am rather sad to be writing this.

On this very same day, the RN's new carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, starts her sea trials, but (controversially) is currently an aircraft-free zone as the Sea Harriers were taken out of service early and we are now waiting for the American-built Lockheed-Martin F35B. Budget cuts, we were told, necessitated the early withdrawal of the Harriers - so how come we can suddenly afford a batch of brand new F35s? Somebody enlighten me.

By the way, the jack and ensign on Ocean are at half-staff to respect the recent tragic events in Manchester and London.
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It's sad that there withdrawing her when she still has so much life left in her. No, I disagree! 
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So true mate. Our useless politicians again. Putin could march right in if he wanted to and so could Kim Jong Whatsisname :(
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Yea. Right or left wing there both equally clueless and insane. 
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And just out for themselves.
Was tempted to go and see QE but there was talk that it would not go under the bridges till after dark, 
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Don't know if she will get into Devonport.....
I think its unlikely too much money has been spent at Portsmouth. 
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Salute Emoticon  to a noble lady.
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She salutes you back Eric! And thanks for the request :)
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... Well, given she won't be operational for a number of years due to a lack of its aircraft contingent - maybe R08 could be used for the Queen Elizabeth Royal Navy Tennis Tournament?  I mean, given her deck length and width, I suppose she could accommodate at least half a dozen of courts... right? ;p
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About all she's good for! :(
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