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Gun Truck

Inspired by This Wikipedia Article on US supply convoys in Vietnam and, more recently, Iraq, arming and armouring trucks to protect convoys from ambush. This is a futuristic sci-fi version, based on some sort of heavy-duty mining vehicle. The vehicle was based on a pencil drawing, the backdrop is painted from scratch in Photoshop, something I don't do normally, but it seems to have come out OK.
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Looks like something from Warhammer 40k.
Looks a bit more like a tank then a gun truck.....
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a little confused at first by the rain... Atmosphere (such as rain dust and fog) can be really tricky...
Now im not sure if you're accepting contructive criticism... but here goes anyway.

When doing rain, especially in tropical environments, the presence of fog and mist is always prevalent. Having small clouds of the such (in white) rising from the ground would help. Alost, there does seem to be a bit too many rain drops. Not that it wouldnt be a heavy rain, just that in this picture, i thought it was one of those etched effects done to give the picture a mood.

There should be splashes of rain on the armored truck.
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I always accept constructive criticism, and thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Yeah, this is my first attempt at a rainy scene, and I'm not entirely happy with the results. A bit of mist might help, as would splashes from the truck and other surfaces - in short, I agree with you. I don't know if I'm going to revise this pic any further, but if I do I'll surely bear your comments in mind.
My biggest problem with this picture is often one I have with military subjects, in that the camouflage makes the subject blend in with its background, which is what it's supposed to do, of course, but it doesn't make for a very interesting composition.
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well... as you know, camoflauge is never perfect. And being a big fan of all things military, i know that olive drab is a popular color for camo. its not perfect, but its close enough so it looks like camo, but you can still see it. Also, try making a dark outline of the truck.... well... maybe only if youre going for the animated look. I guesse my best suggestion would be to take depth and atmosphere into consideration. Things further in space should have a dark, or mysty wash over them. Like dust, fog and so on. This way you can keep accurate camo, and distinguish the subject at the same time. Although i would say you did a good job in this one. i have no problem seeing the truck.
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I like the idea behind this. The vehicles design itself is nifty, and I like the several different shapes, and how the highlights add to the wet atmosphere. Very nice! :D
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Awesome, love the design.
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Shushpanzer) nice work.
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Awesome, you did a good job.
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