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Mini-event, where sun above Colderra eclipsed! :D

Guys, I'm sorry it took me a bit long to make results. I thought I will announce winner right after ending, but I haven't made it xD

So here are the results. You all did great job, captured exactly what I had on mind, with atmosphere how I imagined it.

But owerall best picture here was one from Memuii ! congratulations :D
Visitor by Memuii

Here are other participants:
Eclipse by vikula11 [WoC] Mini-event! The Eclipse! by Nerissien The Eclipse! by ajikas-aji Total Eclipse of a Heart by Efirende Mini event - the Eclipse by Grifinia Contest/Mini-event: Eclipse by Samantha-dragon GLOWY CREEPY THINGS by TheChotta

I thank you all for participating, and I hope nobody sees injustice with pick of winner ^^;
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Thank you! Day56 - Happy Cry 
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congrats! :3
And also thank you for motivating with smaller prizes for everybody ^^
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Dokud mam pointy, tak za mensi eventy chci neco davat jako odmeny vsem xD
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hlavně když to zezačátku na moc velkou účast nevypadalo - ale to bude asi u všech soutěží :D
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Great job everyone! This was pretty fun to do :D
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In glad you think so xD
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Yay :D Princess for the winn :D
Moji draci už svoju váhru aj tak majú :D muhaha :D
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