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Okay, so we're all done, finished judging and was hell hard to judge, becuase you all challenged yourself, and I hope we judged fair. It was one of the hardest judging for event I ever did.

Here's also ribbon I made for participating :D

Points system:

X: impression
Y: creativity
Z: rendering* 
S: story
A: advertistment
E: extra**
T: Total

*Rendering= technical site, rating of skills
**for extra picture, and including someone's rider

Judges were: Nerissien Efirende Brissinge 

Entry comments made by Brissinge but based on what we agreed while judging. I don't want insult/offend anyone. All I want is to tell you some reasons for point you got, and perhaps point on what could be better. I'm willing to give you closer advices, if you will note me you want some. Also english is not my native language, so I don't feel, if I used some too strong words or something. So please forgive me, if I sound rude, I don't mean it.

1st place

no. 11

What can I say more, than well (amazingly, wonderfully, dont-know-anymore-amazingness-describing-words) played? Everything looks like it should, giant golem is breathtaking (and gave me great idea for Kröh's working of changing seasons). Rider and horse, flawless anatomy. Only thing that concerned me at first was, that fortress is behind him. But it was explained it good, funny story.

2nd place

There were 2 sends places. BUGHS-22 got it clearly for picture without any extrass. Irsibil got extra points on story and advertistement.

no. 5

To be honest, probably one of best entries ever made for any events made by me. It's dynamic, perfectly capturing Kröh. Way you managed Koda's transmogifivation is amazing. And the most badass part...the effects. Snow and fire meteorits, looking so frikin realistic! Still amazed.

no. 24

First impression? Amazin for all three of us who judged. And idea? Well, using forest stallion as source of nature energy OMG SUCH A GOOD IDEA! Makes perfect sense. I like that you included so much elementals. Good job on snow and magic effect. Tho I feel bit sorry for mountains in backround, they could be bit better rendered.

3rd place

no. 6

EINAR OMG STAPH. Fire king should be banned from ice race. Poor Kröh will now experience massive global warning. Just kidding. This looks great, it's very dynamic, and it shows off Einars fire powers in great way. It's very dark, contrasting well with fire. Well done. Only one thing to comment, shouldn't the snow be like extremely lightened by all that fire? I really miss some sharp shadows and bright snow.

4th place

no. 23

The picked angle is totally badass! Overall landscape looks amazing, depth of field managed perfectly. I like that elemental in front, becasue I noticed him after 3rd look on that picture. That little hiding rascal. I feel bit sorry, that you haven't made any extra pic or advertistement.

5th place

no. 12

Omg, would it hurt you to take it seriously? :D just kidding. This was one totall killer entry, even tho Drakoslav haven't ended up in best condition. What a wonder, that he survivde it at all. But taken for ideas, this is badass, and hell creative. Facepalmlemental is great. But to picture itself, you could put bit more time into it I think.

6th place

no. 25

Badass. Lava is made in totally killing way. I love it. Violet horse is great and unusual touch. That fire/smoke dragon in background, great and i really like, that stone plate on what they run lacks snow. Only thing, that disturbs me a little, is blured look of mountaint/rock texture behind them.

7th place

no. 16

I like how you made horse, and owerall color scheme of picture. Also the lava and ice balls look pretty nice. Piece of flag given by some random competitor flapping on Jaülon's horn if funny idea. But I gotta criticize the snow a little, because it looks bit more like water than actual snow. But overall, I like this piece.

8th place


My first impression on this was: OMG SO BRUTAL! I love the pick of lighting, it's managed very well. Elemental jumping in front looks great. Also the effect on staff looks great. But what ruined it for me a lot, are these round things in air. Not sure if it should be snow or what? For snow flakes i would pick much smaller brush and not that much round maybe. But overall, still great. If you made extra picture, you could be on higher rank.

9th place

no. 4

The ambience is killing. Looking perfect, exactly as Kröh should. Especially skies look amazing. You picked great angle and dynamic pose. But where the elemntals are? Are they too scared of Managar's babe? :D If you only made extra and advertisment and story, you could get much better placement.

10th place

no. 15

I can see, that you did challenge yourself. And I love seeing this. Color pick is great, pose pick is great. And I always love to see that dwarf of yours. The cat elemental ruins it a little, maybe lower opacity on it could do the trinck, becuase it really steals the show. And I would add bit of birght yellow ti lava. But still, great job.

11th place

no. 9

You choosed killer angle, and managed it in quite magnificent way. I also like, that you gave horse armor for protection in such dangerous race. I also like that frost elemental look like titan from Hercules :D. But I will point out two things. Is behind snow in right lower corner transparent so the rock behind is visible? And what's that thing in between of the rocks behind rider? But still, you are brave to manage such angle.

12th place

no. 17

This is looking really great. My first impression was amused smile, becuase of idea jumping over lava elementa (that looks great, by the way. ). Overall feeling of picutre a,d it's atmosphere is great. Tho bit work on horses anatomy might come in handy. But still, I like it a lot.



I totally love the landscape and color scheme...if you only chooed bit more dinamic pose and included some elemental. I realy like this, especialy the little lava streams, but I really miss dynamics, that was quite important for this kind of event. But still, great artwork.

14th place


I love the tack you picked for horse, it looks badass, and I like the pose and overall atmosphere and feeling. But I feel like fire could be made brighter and more glowing, spreading light to ambience. And I'm really sorry you haven't made extra and story, it could give you few places up.

15th place


Pose from front? You have courage really. And I like idea of actually protecting from fire rain with magic shield (if i go it right? :D). And I relly liked the stroy. You described it exactly as I imagine race, that turns into matter of life and death. But I feel bit sorry for background I believe, it could've been done better.

16th place


Puting wolf (werewolf) into Wol's run is great idea, tho Wolf wasn't actual wolf :D. Horse and wolf look perfect, and rider too (tho I think she would be a bit cold in clothing like this) but the background kinda ruins it for me. But dynamics and movement are great.

17th place


Wow, took me a while to absorb it all. It's bit different style that I'm used to, so I had to examine every detail. There's so much going on, even tho on first look it looks chaotic. I like rider'S expression and that elemental in front lurking in lava. Also horses gear is damn original.

18th place

no. 18

-Excited to see Nirvana- I love this. I looks great, especially the horse, rider and fire dragon. Also i like the explosion and look used angle. And the staff omg, the gem on top looks great! I will not talk about snow, since you are aware of it's qualities. But you challenged yourself, and I always love seeing it.

19th place

no. 1

This look hell dangerous, with those huge fire rocks fyling around. Energetic, wild as I imagined it. I like pose and choice of clothing, it goes well together with horse. But I think, that lava might be brighter and shine more, illuminating the surroundes including ridr.

20st place


Colorfull boom full of imagination, tho I was kinda lost in it, untill i took good look in it. I totally love color choice, but I admit that I miss a lot perspective or depth of picture. I'm bit lost especially in part bewteen rocks with fire elemental and snow and frost elemental. But I will mention the colors once again, it's damn good combination.

21nd place


Oh damn, those rocks, icicles and that badass elemental behind rider. You are really good with ambiences and picking color scheme. But bit of work on horse anatomy could come in handy. Oh, and I almost forget, that lava in front looks damn cool.

22rd place


I like the idea, of bird-feathertail riding atop on horse along with rider xD. elemental as butterfly? Seriously? That amused me, interesting idea :D. I would advice to practice drawing smoke, with pencils it's not easy.

23th place


I like how dynamic pose you choosed and managed to do. Thos the bridle is bit confusing to me, and I'm not etirely sure, id they are running atop ice or snow. But you did great job i think.



I'm sorry, that i haven't told you sooner(before deadline), because i didn't realised that backround isn't your work (bit manipulated, but still not done by you). All of us three judges agreed on disqualificating this artwork. We're sorry to do this, but rules are rules. You other entry was great, but from story i figured out, that they stopped and charged the elemental. So I cannot judge it either, since the stopped.

Phew, all done. I hope you like this event guys, and it was a challenge for you. Also I hope you all learned something new, or triend something you never did before :3
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prte1's avatar
 Yay, congratulations to all :la:
Jo, kouř a tyhlety věcičky budu muset hodně trénovat :D (a hlavně struktury) Sweating a little... 
JenniFeary's avatar
Hahaha I did better than I though. I thought I would be last place.XD This was fun as heck so I don't care that I was only 17th place.^_^
Brissinge's avatar
Im glad you joined :3
JenniFeary's avatar
Thank you. If you ever hold an event again I will definitely enter.:)
Vizseryn's avatar
Loved seeing everyone's entries! :D Thanks again for hosting, and yay for 6th!
Brissinge's avatar
And i thank for participating xD you all made me so damn happy for joining :3
Efirende's avatar
Yes :D 3. miesto je super :D Dik za tento event :D
KoKino-Art's avatar
Oooo, 7. místo, to je supr :) Gratulka všem ! :)
Naia-Art's avatar
:onfire: Ribboon...ribboooon...ribbon for Constantine :woohoo: must have all tha ribbonz :rofl:

Congrats to all :party: 

Thank youuu, povodne tam ta budova nemala byt ale som si vravela ze ked tam uz trepem tolko veci, nech tam je aj fortress :XD:
Brissinge's avatar
Sem si predstavila constantina oveseneho tema ribonama xD a s vyrazem nasranym jak pondeli xD
martinagro's avatar
You said so, so I would like to ask for a closer advice :3 
Thanks for the points by the way :3 
and congratulation for the winners 
Brissinge's avatar
I hope i will not forget when i'll get to pc xD in case i will not sens you note within a week, please remind me xD i tent to forget everything xD
martinagro's avatar
Okay, I´ll wait for it :3 
Azraelangelo's avatar
Fíha :D Díky. Som nečakal, že sa môj obrázok dostane až na 5te miesto :D
No... mohol som to spraviť lepšie ale keďže som to odzačiatku považoval tak trochu za blbosť, tak som do toho nechcel vkladať viac :) Pôvodne to ani nemalo mať nejaký príbeh... len proste taká sranda to mala byť ale nejak mi to potom nedalo a nakoniec som to vzal ako "skutočný" príbeh :D Samotný príbeh ešte bude mať vysvetlenie neskôr lebo ešte ani ja sám neviem čo sa vlastne stalo... len to, že ďaleko od štartu sa nedostal :D

A samozrejme blahoželám všetkým zúčastneným :)
Brissinge's avatar
Hele ja si to myslela xD ze to byla jen prca xD ale hodnotila sem to jako vsechny ostatni xD
Azraelangelo's avatar
Hlavne, že pobavilo :D
A vďaka :)
Irsibil's avatar
Wow, 2nd place, thank you very much La la la la Heart
I am a dummy! And congratulations for all Clap 
Brissinge's avatar
You are welcome :3
Brissinge's avatar
but you will get points for participating and ribbon anyway, becuase you did put effort and work into it, and helped to spred the word ^^;
Silver-Peak-Arts's avatar
Thats okay. :)

If I had draw the background completely {It was a re-draw of a photo of a volcano. Looking back I put the wrong link. It was to the re-draw I did xD.}what place approximately do you think I would of gotten?

Oh and in the story for the one with Empire, what was the stopping? Just so I know what I did wrong. ^w^
Brissinge's avatar
you had 80 points, so you would be 19th

the part with stopping was: "We can't run." and "We were trapped. I did the only thing I could think of. I raised the flag, the spear tip pointed foward. Letting out a defiant cry, Empire reared, his display coming to it's full, and we charged."
i though they attacked elemntal and charged towards it, which was something, that riders were not supposed to do it. maybe i just got it wrong, english in not my native language
Silver-Peak-Arts's avatar
Oh, no I could see how it would seem that way but they where trying to charge past it, but they brandished the flag just incase. But they did not attack it. :)
Brissinge's avatar
Oh i see xD ill trt to pay better attention next time :D
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