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YCH: Rampage doodles

Done :D weeeeee :D

Buyer will decide both rider and horse. I can add anything, change build of horse, size of horse. Even wings this time :D

SB: 70:points:
Min.Bid: 50:points:
AB: 300:points:
Auction ends week after last bid or AB.

Rampage 1 by Brissinge Yhc2 by Brissinge Yhc3 by Brissinge Yhc4 by Brissinge Yhc5 by Brissinge Yhc6 by Brissinge

Free bonus for Sylveon17 (happened by mistake)

1. AB sold to: Talvace - done NOT PAID
2. AB sold to: Sylveon17 -done NOT PAID
3. AB sold to: Sylveon17 -done NOT PAID
4. AB sold to: Samantha-dragon - done NOT PAID
5. AB sold to: Sylveon17 - done NOT PAID
6. AB sold to: Sylveon17 - done NOT PAID
7. done by accident for Sylveon17 -done, free
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To je super :D nejvíc love pro toho ziquanoidního koňáka poňáka s pruhy :D a prej že takhle stavěné koně neumíš :D
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XD tak jsou anatomicky nekde jinde xD ale snaha je xD
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Ten pegas je super
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O my goodess I love how they all turned out!! Thank you so so much!! :heart:
Brissinge's avatar
you are welcome :3 :D it was fun to do :D
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THIS IS SO GOOD!! It portrays them so perfectly together. ;-; Thank you so much! May I have the individual file if possible?

Saoradh Look at what your creation is doing to my poor child. xD
Brissinge's avatar
sure :D i will add PNG to the describtion of picture :D
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Do you accept payment via paypal?
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well, yes, you can pay me cia paypal :3
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Jsou potřeba pointy na super group, že? :hm: 
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Taky xD ale nejenom xD taky na odmeny atd xD
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uvidíme, jestli se mi to povede prošvihnout i tentokrát stejně jako minule :D nemohla jsem se rozhodnout... tak dva SB ;)
Brissinge's avatar
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Hmm, tak se mi zdá, že už mám týden poslední bid :3 musím se rozmyslet, kterého koníka xD
Brissinge's avatar
Jj, je to tvy, tak mi rekni koho tam chces xD note mi posli pls xD
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Note odeslána, mám poslat i body rovnou nebo pak?
Samantha-dragon's avatar
jinej kůň by mi snad ani nevadil :D ze zvědavosti, kterého jsi vzala?
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no snad vidíáš ne? :D že je uplně cizí xD :D
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No vida, trénuješ vlastní liny? :) 
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Na importy atd budu dal pouzivat trace xD mam to radsi xD ale cvicim na dalsi casti komixu, kde by se kone mohli obevit xD
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