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WoC - The World

and this is whole world, where is Colderra localized.
Names of the world (or better to say planet) is Cesferus
World's having 6 continents
- Sindirrana
- Colderra
- Terrateka
- Kelepha
- Naidur
- Kröh
also 4 main oceans
- Milestone ocean
- Northern ice ocean
- Southern ice ocean
- Sibarr ocean

There's also of course many seas, but their names are not written in this map :D
On this map are also named 3 biggest island, which are not considered as continents
- Donetros (above Naidur)
- Cia'an (next to Kelepha)
- Pilrak (under Sindirrana)

See also other world maps:

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Páni, tolik continentů O.o To bude ještě zajímavé koukám :D
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Páni netušila jsem, že tvůj svět je tak rozsáhlý... vypadá to skvěle :clap:
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já to taky netušila :D do dnešního dne kdy sem to vymyslela :D
seusteus77's avatar
Wow, to je úžasné :O
Brissinge's avatar
^..^ a whole new world
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Oh, tak to je vazne much interesting *.* mela jsi pravdu, s tim malym kouskem :D tohle je fakt uza, mas krasne mapy :D
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:D díky :D mapy jsou super :D
YarroweyBoi's avatar
Jj, mapy jsou :D miluju mapky :33
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