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JUDGED! Mini-event! Wolf's run!

:new:Here are results: RESULTS! Mini-event Wolf's run

Personal pic info: Rider-Maganar Avalanche, one of northern elven chieftains|Horse-Shiba|Total time-2,5hours|


DEADLINE: 15th February
(no preregistration needed)
It's a cross-country-like race. But quite dangerous, since track leads across elemental lava fields, and elementals aren't happy to have intrudors in their area.
This race was made in honor to Renjorn 'Wolf' . Northern elf messanger who took shortcut to get sooner to fortrees, rised the flag, and confused incomming group of enemies so much, that they left in fear.

Localized on Kröh, frozen continent. So there's very cold, snow, dark skies, no visible sun, no trees, no green.
Landscape inspirations:………… in case you will made it close to frotress, it might look a bit like that… only partly in rocky mountain side.
Visible rocks, lava springs, lavafalls, raging earth, fire and frost elementals, even some fire rain is possible, snowing.

What to do?
Draw your rider and equine in the race. Running, jumping, sliding i-don't-care-what-doing. There's only ONE rule. NEVER STOP! Or elementals will get you.
There should be visible some elementals, don't fight with them, but dodging them or something when they got into your way is fine. Also freezing fire elementals, melting frost ones with magic/powers is possible, but you must NEVER stop. SPECIAL ABILITIES ARE ALLOWED! Except for flying!

Obstacles: nothing made by human, or pre prepared, just those that can appear natuarally, like gaps, narrow lava streams, rocks...
Dresscode: Whatever you want, but warm, and proper for the weather. Same for horse.
Condition of participating: Each rider MUST have visible flag. Flag designed by you, with you stable coat of arms, or whatever, but it MUST be there.
                                            Only fullbody entries with proper background counts.
                                            Just ONE entering rider of each of you!

Points system:
1-15 points first impression
1-15 points creativity
1-15 points rendering
1 point 100+words story
2 points 500+ words story
3 points 1000+ words story
+1 point for someone's rider (they all run in same time, 1 point for EACH, but don't make them too small, and in stroy it doesn't count)
+3 points for sharing (journal, poll, pic, whatever, lemme know in comment with your entry)
+5 for extra picture (before or after race, or one more from race. Only one extra pic counts. And they asould be made is similar quality as entry picture!)

Sorry no collabs, commission entries, photo backgrounds.

1st place:

1 Colderrian custom (Common, uncommon, rare)
+3 lvls for mount of your choice
2nd place:
1 Colderrian custom (Common, uncommon)
+2 lvls for mount of your choice
3rd place:
1 Colderrian custom (Common)
+1 lvl for mount of your choice
10Points for participating, but not winning

1. stephaniedraw | ring of fire
2. Tobuscusfangirl16 | We Could Be Immortals
3. Katiish | Come on!
4. Nerissien  | [WoC] Nothing will stop us
5. BUGHS-22 | [WoC] Dodge Game
6. Efirende | When the Fire burn the Ice
7. buli-17 | Together...
8. Conall22 | Never stop...
9. TheLastShe-Wolf | About the flag...
10. vikula11 | Shadow run
11. Naia-Art | -= Rise up and RUN! =-
12. Azraelangelo | Good tea
13. Katchihe | Stallion with the Blazing Tail
14. Silver-Peak-Arts | HOLY- MY TAIL.
15. seusteus77 | From ice to hell
16. KoKino-Art | Don't look back!
17. firedragoran | Steaming Hot // WoC // Wolfs Run Entry
18. Tia-sNoisyMind | High the Flag! | Entry
19. JenniFeary | A Race To Friendship
20. martinagro | Wolfs Run Entry
21. TheChotta | Battle of the Elementals
22. prte1 | Dragon......BOOM!
23. Samantha-dragon | Contest/Mini-event: Run Run Run
24. Irsibil | Forest power
25. Vizseryn | Time to Skedaddle

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*flails* Here's mine!  Time to Skedaddle by Vizseryn
And I did a poll here:…

Thanks! Super fun competition! :dummy: