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*JUDGED*Mini-event! Beer with bear

*RESULTS* Beer with bear

On my picture, Ferrel, Mikelon's mid son with his bear Iurhei. Ref:…
(because preparations for MURDER! mini-event takes much longer than I expected, so here's something small in mean time -.-)

Since there's  has been nothing much about bears lately, I felt urge to make event just for them.

Shadowmoon Bears - Reference sheet…

(no preregistration needed)

What is the point? To simply draw your rider with your bear. It doesn't matter what they will do,so you can pick any situation you want to. But I'm looking for interesting concepts, how adventurous is your life?
For ambience: I don't care what you will pick :D it's completly upon you.
In case you'd like to include some of so far known Colderrian beasts or even it can be wild versions of Colderrian mountable breeds , I will be super excited to see it! :D
For bandits and other things if you will use Colderrian nations/races it will be perfect. (ask me for designs of non described rsaces yet)
Placing of event MUST be on Cefesrus!*
WoC - The World
WoC - Political map

*That's name of planet where World-of-colderra is placed. There's only few places displyed, but I leave it on you to illustrate more of them. You are part of that world :3

- Half or fullbody of bear.
- Both bear and rider must be visible
- No faceles riders! Rider must be halfbody or fullbody.
- Tracing is allowed, free lines nope, commissions nope.
- Everything on picture must be made by you.
- I want to know area you used for you entry (from political map.)

ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT INFORMATIONS WILL BE ANSWERED, DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK (It's also part of my developing of world xD If you will design beasts or something to your entry, I will consider them and they might be redrawn by me and added to bestiary, or be sketchet as scenery to illustrate world. But I can't promise anything xD My free time it shorter than it used to be.)

Ranking of situations:
Journey to dangerous(like really dangerous, enemy territory...) place: +3lvl for mount, +2lvl for rider
Fight/battle like interaction with hummanoids (bandits etc.) + 2,5lvl for mount, +2,5 lvl for rider
Hunt for beast (carnivorous): +2lvl for mount, +2lvl for rider
Hunt for beast (Harbivorous): +1,5lvl for mount, +1,5lvl for rider
Traveling peacefuly: +1lvl for mount, +1lvl for rider
Being at home, just chillin: +0,5lvl, +0,5lvl for rider

(These are bonus levels for riders. That means, you will get level for event AND these + levels depending on what you will draw.)

There's no ranking on quality, but 3 picked pictures I will like the most will get reward 30:points:
And one of them will get picture of bear and his rider.

1. Samantha-dragon Contest/Mini-event: Summer Wild Run
2. ajikas-aji Werewolf=wolf=dog and I'm
3. TalonV Un-bear-able Heat means....
4. ByThePrey Whip it -- Mini Event
5. spookedup Muah
6. ArcticNomad You Chose the Wrong Prey

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SORRY that it took me like 12 years to finish this...

Whip it -- Mini Event by ByThePrey
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May I request a few day extension? I've got an entry in the works... but I don't think I can finish it tonight...
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I havent replied, but extendes it anyway xD
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Armitar a TheP. Must ... do it! ...
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I hope for it! XD
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No mám skeč první části a dál jsem se nedostala, jak se balíme na dovču. No tak to pak někdy dodělám mimo event ^^"
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hodnotit nebudu dřív jak o víkendu, takže pianko :D
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Já budu ale teď od pátku do příští neděle mimo domov no ^^" 
Nevadí, já to pak nakreslím později i bez hodnocení ^^
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No protahl sem to do 15. Tak to treba stihnes xD
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Ne to fakt ne ani tak ^^" přijela jsem až dneska a během týdne nestíhám kreslit.
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does this mean i must go make a bear now. Llama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1] 
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Welp xD i guess you must xD
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Ferrel, you are my new spirit animal xD
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........ pls xD
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Zkusím se zůčastnit! :D
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