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*ENDED*Mini-event! The Eclipse!

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Edit: Time's over guys! :D

DEADLINE: 29th November

Sun above Colderra will eclipse soon.
Planet with Colderra has 2 moons, one of moons, will cast shadow on planet.
While planet in shadow, the magical Pixies will occure!
These little fellas are really curious, and will try to explore anything they see.
Pixies are small, black creatures, glowing, flying, and they can appear everywhere, sometimes in huge numbers. They are completly harmless.
They are visible only, while sun is hidden behind moon. When sun is completly free from moons shadow, pixies will disappear.

What to do?
Draw one of your mounts and riders (mounts must be from Colderra!), watching eclipse, or watching pixies, or basicly anything involving eclipse and pixies. Stage of eclypse is upon you, but the ambience must be purple!

+3 lvls for mount of your choice
300:points: for best picutre. (Ideas and effort counts. I will look into rest of your gallery to compare!)
10:points: for participating, but not winning

griffidonka /Mini event - the Eclipse
Samantha-dragon /Contest/mini-event: Eclipse
ajikas-aji /The Eclipse!
Fox-Skin /A shadowe of the Moon
Efirende /Total Eclipse of a Heart
seusteus77 /Eclipse
Memuii /Visitor
vikula11 /Eclipse
Nerissien /[WoC] Mini-event! The Eclipse!
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já vím, že už je to léta páně, ale chci se pro jistotu zeptat - +3 levely jsou pro všechny? Uklízím si v odměnách a u tohodle mám tak nejasnou poznámku, že jsem se chtěla mrknout sem, ale nejsem o moc moudřejší ^^;
Brissinge's avatar
jj jsou pro všechny
Samantha-dragon's avatar
supr, děkuju :) teď už jen doufám, že jsem to všechno spočítala správně :D
Memuii's avatar
Ey! Dík za to predĺženie I am a dummy! po dlhej dobe zas môj "gekončík". xD
Visitor by Memuii
TilaArt's avatar
Nestíhám, nestíhám... Už mám nápad i náčrt, ale prostě nestíhám :/tak zase nic...
Brissinge's avatar
Hodnotim az v utery vecer, to das
Efirende's avatar
vikula11's avatar
Šlo by trochu predĺžiť? Mám hotovú polovicu, no nestíham dokončiť
Brissinge's avatar
dokonči :D vyhodnotím to až v uterý asi :D
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griffidonka /Mini event - the Eclipse
Samantha-dragon /Contest/mini-event: Eclipse

Hey heads up you accidently linked the same image for these two.
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Thanks for letting me know, i will fix it ^^
Fox-Skin's avatar
Of course I always do it haha!
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A shadow of the Moon 
Hope you don't mind if I enter... I wanted to use Bastel, even though he isn't fully a mount.
If you prefer this to not be an Entry I'll take it down. I love the Idea though.
Brissinge's avatar
well :D i have no problem with that at all :D i will do him :D
Fox-Skin's avatar
Thankyou!! I can't wait to register them both.
Magidaa's avatar
This sounds fun :D
Brissinge's avatar
Jdes do toho? XD
Magidaa's avatar
Vzhledem k tomu že se blíží vánoce těžko říct xD
Brissinge's avatar
Brissinge's avatar
awesome :D added :3
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