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Virtues of the Wasteland Wallpaper

By Brisineo
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Combined Fallout 5 Wallpaper.
No Text Version: [link]

Individual Wallpapers:
[Sacrifice] Littlepip: [link]
[Perseverance] Blackjack: [link]
[Innocence] Puppysmiles: [link]
[Compassion] Silver Storm: [link]
[Hope] Murky Number Seven: [link]
Fallout Equestria (c) Kkat
Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons (c) Somber
Fallout Equestria: Pink Eyes (c) Mimezinga
Fallout Equestria: Heroes (c) No One
Fallout Equestria: Murky Number Seven (c) Fuzzy
MLP:FIM (c) Hasbro inc.
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Five fantastic stories in the franchise. And one fantastic wallpaper.
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i think blackjack should be sacrifice bucuse she fuckin died four or five times, lost most of her body to cybernetic agmentation, almost all of her friends died, and to top it all off she was forced to gas her stable with chlorine
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Littlepip: Because...
Blackjack: War...
Puppysmile: War...
Silver Storm: Never...
Murky: Changes.
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(I kind of felt like Blackjack lost a bit more than Pip but that's just my opinion)
This was interesting. I haven't actually read the ones with Silver or Murky. *click* nouice.
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Pip gave up her freedom, as well as her love, Homage, to protect the SPP from the Enclave, who would have used it to permanently seal up the sky and rob the surface of the sunlight forever. Blackjack gave up her body, up until she got a new one that became indestructible. She's perseverance because no matter how tough something appears, she keeps kicking tail and surviving.
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yeah but she did come close to killing herself twice (probably more) and she gave away all of herself twice for everybody else. I don't want to argue and I do admit that Pip lost a lot but she also got out of the SPP, if you read to the end of PH, and lived with BJ, but at least Black Jack got Rampage back so... eh. They both lost a lot for what they believed in I just think that Black Jack lost more. She did have to see almost all of her friends die and killed off literally her entire past with the push of a button. 
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True true. It's been a while since I've read FoE or Horizons. And I'm still looking for the other ones to read them.
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you could read homelands, the sequel to horizons.
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I just noticed while reading fallout equestria project horizons chapter 60 that PH directly references MN7. So if PH is written to be cannon to the original and MN7 and according to the FoE wiki Heroes is cannon to PH and as far as I am aware pink eyes doesn't contradict any of them (as far as I am aware). Then wouldn't that mean if you took PH as a basis and added pink eyes then all of the big 5 would be cannon to each other.
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Oh I actually forgot that PH also directly references pink eyes. So all big 5 stories are cannon to project horizons.
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Fallout Euqestria is the first one, so the others are all cannon to FoE. Project Horizons, Murky Number 7, Heroes and Pink Eyes are all continuations of the original Fallout Equestria. 
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This wallpaper was what drew me to seeking out the other Fallout Equestria stories (after being done with the original)

And what a beautiful terrible ride I was in for.

To me - these became 'The Big 5'

And that's not an understatement - some of these have chapters that number in the hundreds of pages.

And what i like about all these different stories is that they have each broadened my (and hopefully others) horizon of what the
post apocalyptic world could really be. (and put everything into perspective, in the game series i loved so much.)

The original set the core for what Fallout Equestria could be.
Project Horizons took it to the extreme.
Murky number seven gave us a solely stealth based character who could not fight back.'
Heroes gave us the reluctant hero in the mercenary just looking out on the chaos going on around her.
And Pink eyes is ... just what its synopsis says. Its a shorter story that might seem unimportant, or even silly.
But it still gets to you, in all the right (or wrong) ways.

Its a journey that has punched me in the gut, retched my heart, and bled my soul more times the I could count.
And with endings so bittersweet that I am at a loss for words.

But its a journey I do not regret undertaking.
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Nice wallpaper!
Also, finding about the pony on bottom (basic description of story) and I really felt sad for his position.
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In the wasteland...the Elements of Harmony are not strong enough... Kindness, Generosity, Loyalty, Honesty, Magic, and Laughter are more likely to get one killed than anything. These are the new elements. The Virtues of the Wasteland are what will bring peace back... not through friendship, but through the inspiration they bring
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Thanks. I like getting all philosophical
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辐射小马国太好了    I love it.the story is so fantastic
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Excellent how you capture the inspiring aspects of each character in this.
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Innocence is life's greatest illusion 
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Go go power ponies! 
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To go by nicknames:
the Lightbringer/The Stable Dweller (LittlePip).
(The) Security (Mare) (Blackjack).
The Ghost of Big 52 (Puppysmiles).
Hired Gun (Silver Storm)
The Pegasus/Number Seven (Murky Number Seven)

Great Work. Keep it up. :)
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Because of this picture, I have read all Five Mane Fallout Equestria stories. Thank you so much! :D
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