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Velvet Remedy Wallpaper

By Brisineo
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EDIT: Fixed some clipping issues; added a bit of decoration.
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Either the talk she gives LittlePip at their first meeting in chapter 7, or as the others said the bird. Can't say which one would be more fitting, but here's the segment I was thinking about.

"I read in a book once, back when I was about your age, that when Fluttershy -- the Mare of the Ministry of Peace herself -- stepped onto a battlefield, she insisted that her healer ponies tend to everyone wounded on the battlefield. Everyone! Pony, zebra, to her it didn’t matter… How could I do any less?”
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Even lacking the text I enjoy reading on these wallpapers, this wallpaper is fabulous. It looks really great, nice work Brisneo.
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Sweet ..........i love your style of wallpapers.
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Very very nice. Perhaps one of her quotes about how her cutie mark isn't a caged bird and neither is she. I know she explained that once or twice, though I have no idea where.
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I already sent him a note with that suggestion and a link to the chapter. ;)
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Right back at ya ;)
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Very snazzy! You have a real eye for these sets of papers.

What about that speech she said when she said she would become a Follower of the Apocalyse? That was a pretty epic moment for her, was around the early 40's I think, just after she had reunited with them after Ditzy's first Rainboom.
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Quite nice, I like the simplistic look. ^^
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