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Velvet Remedy Legionnaire

A meh vector that I just made in around 30 minutes just as a little experiment with copying clothing from one model to the other.

Simply, this is Velvet from the part of Fo:E where she puts on the padded Legionnaire dress and is skeptical about her own looks. (Even with Littlepip practically drooling over her) Even still though, I've always wanted to see Velvet in this dress...

Original Legionnaire Zebra: [link]

Recolor of a vector by :iconmrhavre:
Fallout: Equestria (c) Kkat
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Love the work done here
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Oh thank you for doing this! It's a great reference picture for the outfit, which I've always had trouble imagining. 
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I liked what she was wearing. *Screams* SOMEBODY SLAP ME!!!!!
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don't look so down horsy. the outfit looks great on you
Death to tyrants!- The courier
Ave true to caesar
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Why do  I get strange thoughts of Velvet being in a Helghast's Dress just by looking at this picture? .3.
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Message from Kkat:

I love her. The outfit design is excellent. :hug:
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Awesome drawing!

May I put this into the FoE wiki as well?
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I LOVE VELVET. She is beautiful. And straight.
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Ave, true to Caesar.
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all she needs now is some socks! ;)
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In FO:E the gang all thout that it looked good on her buuuut...... 200 year old undead have no taste.
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lol you really nailed this part, the look is just perfect.
ParastarSarasva's avatar
She looks pretty, and that look on her face is priceless.
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Dis look nice on velvet :D
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Tweak the colours here and there... replace the emblem and I'm sure the war vets won't even notice! :p
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That is freaking beautiful!
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