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Steel Cherry and PES-E

A late birthday present for a friend of mine.
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Seems lit, but turn it into armor and it would be 10% cooler.
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Hey! That's really cool man!
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Really love the the art man :). Always did like Steel Cherry as well she had a very Complicated situation with the stallion she liked to shy to talk with em maybe one day she will get the courage to express her love haha. 
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Very very cool :D the color looks like copic marker which I love lol XD
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This is great! The color is laid down so smooth. How'd you do that? Terrific stuff haha. ^^
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Ironically, by luck.

These are cheap chinese knock-off brand markers I got for less than a buck each, and just some regular store-bought cardstock.  Perhaps the combination of the two just worked out.  Lol.
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True Color or Morning&Glory?Σ(゚∀゚ノ)ノ
I think True Color's color markers are too hard.(。í _ ì。)
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Neither.  Touch Three.

They color is very strong, but they also have quite a bit of bleed.
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Ha, I'll say. :) Thanks bud - keep up the great work.
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