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Red Eye Wallpaper

By Brisineo
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Fallout Equestria (c) Kkat
MLP:FIM (c) Hasbro inc.
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Is it weird that I actually wanted Red Eye to succeed?
He should listen to the song "the proof of your love" and reevaluate his objectives
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Honestly, no matter the evil he commited, I still think that what he did was justified. You cant be moral in an immoral time like in FO:E, and sometimes the few must suffer so the many can live
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Yeah, but remember, most of his slaves were just innocent survivors who didn't even deserve to suffer as much as they did in Fillydelphia.
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I can't help but respect red eye, still one of the shows of hell with good ententions, but this one deserves respect.
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reading this made me realize... Redeye is, or rather was, corrupted generosity
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Nothing justifies the evil he had committed. All he had accomplished did not save the wasteland - he just ruined it in a different way. 
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the ends do not justify the means
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Where did Redeye even get his cyber eye?
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Red Eye was born in Stable 101. It was still in closed operation and many of the inhabitants were augmented before he opened and dismantled it.
Stable 101's experiment was 'Earth-Pony-Only'. Since so many of pre-war Equestria's premier scientists were Earth Ponies, technological progress did not end after the bombs detonated. They continued to develop and somewhere along the line somepony came up with an implant.
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One of the best villains of all time.
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Message from Kkat:

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My favorite villain in the Fallout Equestria!
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Great job, love this quote!
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I would love to see an Autumn Leaf wallpaper. These have been great work so far.
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kinda short on quotes there, i think
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Freakin' sweet!! Red Eye is a brilliant antagonist and I love you're vectored version of him. Well done with the factory and 101 in the background, very nice touches. Glad you picked his best line. =D
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