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Fallout Equestria: Pink Eyes (c) Mimezinga
Fallout Equestria (c) Kkat
MLP:FIM (c) Hasbro inc.
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Dammit!!! All the quotes are too good!!! i'm having goose bumps here :D
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Iv come here to read that paragraph a dozen times and I still cry.
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Just finished reading the story

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I can use this image for a traditional art work?
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I don't like to read, But this book! Read all 2119 pages on my tablet! Heck might even read it again! But I'm going to read Project Horizons first, and thats only about 4000 something odd pages.
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well, Watcher/Spike, wen you put it that way, i kinda feel bad for getting bored and stopping halfway thru chapter 2.
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It's always heartwarming, to behold innocence.

Unfortunately, we can't always afford that luxury. 
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Puppy y u so cute, even here!?
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Now that I finished reading this, this picture makes me sad, and happy. ;-;
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That is perhaps the most powerful single paragraph in that entire story.
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Probably because it doesn't come from the protagonist =P
After all, Spike was the only one seeing what was actually going on.
Redtaileddolphin's avatar
True. He has probably the most complete perspective of events.
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because everypony IS a pretty pony!

love, Puppy
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Okay, when I am done reading the original I will read Pink Eyes.
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Well. I'm crying now. This is beautiful, and it reminded me of the feels from this fic.
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Favorite artist. And I like dis very much.
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really liking how you manage to both get the "Puppeh" feel while also giving her a ghostly feel in this. I did always love that "Pink Ghost" imagery.
siddelthekiddel's avatar
Havn't read this yet, currently in the middle of Project Horizons, would you recommend this or Heroes next?
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Would reccomend this since its technically complete so you won't have to wait for the ending, and once finiched I'd reccomend onto Heroes or Murky Number 7!
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In the same situation. I am 42 chapters into Project Horizons but I think I will go Pink Eyes next. It is shorter than the rest and I think I will need a quicker and easier read after the size of Project Horizons.
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This. Then Heroes. I think that this makes you appreciate fillies better by the end.

And then finish with Murky Number Seven. My personal favorite.
siddelthekiddel's avatar
Sounds like a good plan, thanks. :3
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Oh god the feels in this fic. I think it's the only FOE fic that made me almost cry. And I even wanted to
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same here i havent finished other FOE series yet so maybe it will change and plus puppysmiles age isnt helping but even though i knew the ending will be sad i almost cried i cant even think about the end without almost crying stleast even though she died again she got to meet her mom forever in the afterlife
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