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Mutant Alicorns of the Goddess

By Brisineo
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The servants, guardians, and warriors of the Wasteland Goddess, the Mutant Alicorns are given to fight for the Zealots that defend their Goddess with their lives.

Transformed by the enchanted Taint, and unified in a web of mind links controlled by the Goddess herself, the Mutant Alicorns are near invincible compared to the standard Wastelander. Drawing up a near-impenetrable shield at the first sign of trouble, you need to take these creatures by surprise to kill them, and even then, don't press your luck trying to kill another the same way; their mind-link allows them to learn from the mistakes of their fellow Alicorns, and devise strategies against their enemies.

They come in three types; The violet ones have a particular skill in teleportation, and usually lead the small groups of Alicorns that Littlepip encounter in her journey. The green ones have a mastery in shield creation, and a group of them are able to form powerful shields to protect, or entrap a large area. And the blue ones are proficient in invisibility, allowing easy ambushes, or even just to spy on somepony of interest without detection.

And unless, of course, you have the overkill firepower and wits of Steelhooves, the famed "Alicorn Hunter" to use at your leisure, you're out of luck facing against an army of these.

However, when separated from the Goddess by a Megaspell enchantment such as the Pink Cloud, they seem to be able to think for themselves and remember their former lives as ponies... Perhaps in eliminating said Goddess, you could manipulate them to fight for you...

Time Taken: 6 hours

Like all others, originally hand drawn, then vectored in Inkscape.

SVG FILE: [link]

Part of a Series of Fallout: Equestria vectors. Check out the others here!
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Original characters created by Kkat and the Fallout: Equestria fanfiction. MLP is owned by Hasbro, and I claim no ownership of both.
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I wish there was the Source Filmmaker version of them
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the enemy my fallout equestria character hates and has habit of running into Alicorns and its ironic to especially considering he is one from 300 years ago and his love interest is an alicorn named aurora borealis from fallout new beginnings and thanks to a potion the doctor gave him before he began his adventures his other companion is sea breeze from fallout equestria heroes who was killed in that story but in mine she is brought back to life thanks to the potion that doctor whooves gave him so it is ironic but funny at the same time and how hes best friends with Lacunae from fallout project horizons and how his settlement he establish has the alicorns that are no longer like super mutants 
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and i messed up i mean that sea breeze is his love interest aurora is his companion and the fact that he hates the one hes meet it due to the fact that the ones hes met were ones that even thought the goddess fell they still were hostile 
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At least they're better than the super mutants. (In appearance, not ideology)
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Also, the blue ones are referring to nightkin super mutants.
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how big are they? or are they very big as a building?
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According to the story's descriptions of them, they're most likely about the size of Celestia.
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Yay and thanks for replying. Now i'm scared of them if i encountered them. I have made a comic book but not finish
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I actually think they look cute. I wouldn't say that around them though, they’d probably hold me down and disembowel me.
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have you done a version with them seperately?
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they don't even look that bad.. i always imagined them more...dark and glowy. you know...such a dark glow that makes you afraid on pure sight of one of those things *shrugs*

i wanna hug them. .-.
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But can they protect them from the Federation?! (My Empire)

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No wait... this is my fleet.

Battleships are Better...
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i like the green one
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The violet one looks the best in my opinion.
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I will not be intimidated by such beings. It isn't the first time I've seen Op characters like this. But I like the art.
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i LOVE the blue one!
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These mutants are impressive, but are not intimidating. They lack spectacle compared to the Tiberium-Equestrian Hybrids I have to put up with. As for threat, they are significant. But I know one thing this world hasn't seen... Something No Equestrian has ever seen... Against which their shields won't hold...
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Well, him too.
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Yeah... Maybe... Lemmings? La Cactuar 
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They all kind of have this... "Puny, mortal creatures..." look in there eyes. It's kinda creepy.

And Inkscape is an awesome vectoring program. I use it for nearly all the stuff I do (too poor for photoshop :().
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