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Ministry of Morale Emblem

By Brisineo
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Why does the most colorful emblem have to be the most feared?

Pinkie is watching you... FOREVER!

EDIT1: Changed around a few things, smoothed a few lines, and balanced the detail.

SVG: [link]
Original Emblem: [link]
Fallout: Equestria (c) Kkat
MLP:FIM (c) Hasbro inc.
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M.O.M. creed- 'Equestria and sadness must forever be parted; C'MON EVERYPONY, LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!'
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Like Big Brother...o.o
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MOM, of all the acronyms that could be made it had to be the one that suggestions affection and the love of a parent.
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i don't know anything about Fallout: Equestria but this is on my profile because, well...
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Think you will ever put these on a t-shirt on redbubble?
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Hey Brisineo, just a quick question.
I just went through your journal's on devianart and had the particularly giddy suspicions confirmed that you are indeed on the FE mod team. All of the vectors you have made are simply awesome, but surely you cannot be the only one doing these. Is there a group of you doing these and then they decide on the best ones or is it just you?

Plus, for morbid curiosity, if there are others, is their anyway I can see their work also?

(I so want to nag you about the whole mod in general but I won't)
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It's just me doing this.

And if you want to see the others' work on the mod, simply go to the group "Equestria Softworks" (this picture should be in that group)
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Awesome, thanks for that.

Really? I figured there would at least be 2-3 people working in each section but far be it for me to question. However, with work as good as yours it isn't needed anyway.
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excellent! i really enjoy this story and this picture! excellent job putting it together.
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This logo creeps me out with the whole "eyeless face" motif.
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Yes! Now I have all of them! Mwahhhahahaha! Now I can officially do all of them as BGs
aussiegecko1892's avatar
Um, what about the MWT? I could very well have missed something in my reading (took a long time and I could have easily missed something) or on Brisindo's page (I wouldn't doubt it either), but I can only see 5.......
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I dont have that logo yet. Ima bout to do MOI.
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oh, I read in the wrong context. OK, honestly can't wait to see them.
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I have three of them done
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Awesome! This site and everyone on it make me want to do the same, but fear, time and resources seem to hold me back. At least I can look forward to seeing others amazing work. (Yes I did just make this slightly deep and depressing, but I needed to say it........ personal reasons I guess.....)
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Hey dont be afraid dude. Even if it isnt the best you always have the ability to improve. Plus Id be willing to give feedback to help.
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Thanks for that. I guess I just need to find myself a starting point and just do it, which sadly, is the hardest part.
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Even 202 years later, Pinkie Pie still manages to keep an eye on Littlep-I mean, an obscure nameless pony who is by certainly not the protagonist of the story. ;)

She truly does watch you...forever.
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Remind me, are you doing these as a personal project, or are they apart of a grander design?
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Maybe both... :)
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CREEPY!!!!! Lol, which does fit.
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