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Ministry of Image Emblem

By Brisineo
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Emblem for the Ministry of Image.

Not much can be said about this one. This ministry remained one of the more underground organizations in the war, never self-advertising, but responsible for producing advertisements for the other ministries.

However, behind the guise, the ministry was responsible for many undercover operations, including armor designs, possible megaspells, and even realms of darker magic...

SVG: [link]
Fallout Equestria (c) Kkat
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M.I. creed- 'Your fashion is an image that make Ponies care; Always look your best in whatever you wear!'
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If it's alright, I'll be using this in my texture mod for Fallout 3, which you can find here:…
I'll of course give you credit, and will provide a link to your page.
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Wow, I really love this design. It's really elegant and it's composition is lovely, however the semi-circle coming off the I, while balancing the crescent moon, kind of looks like a backwards D which makes me keep thinking of titles other than the Ministry of Image. I don't know if it could be fixed by disconnecting it from the I or making it curl a bit.

Regardless, I love the simplicity and minimalistic style that's very reminiscent of Rarity and the MoI. c:
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looking good keep them coming
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Certainly the most secretive, other than perhaps the Ministry of Morale. Their activities were practically Orwellian in their shadowy enforcement of Equestrian security.
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Moar backgrounds to make!
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