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Ministry of Arcane Sciences Emblem

I need to stop wasting time on things like this...

Anyways, drew this last night, half-asleep, and was surprised with how good it looked the morning, so I vectored it in about 15 minutes. It will be interesting what wallpapers you can possibly make with this...

SVG: [link]
Insignia Without Text: [link]

MLP (c) Hasbro inc.
Fallout: Equestria (c) Kkat
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You mind if I use this on a custom lighter? I just want to be sure you're good if I use your art for it!
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You're good to go!
Good stuff dude, thank you!
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I used this in my new picture, I hope you don't mind.
'Stay Smart!' by goatcanon
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Why does this reminds me of the 'anno 2070' 'global trust' logo?
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this is so damn cool that i just don't know what to say

I'm trying to find Ministry logos for ages, in hope to make a tattoo from them and this one is one of the best!
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MINISTRY of ARCANE SCIENCES- 'Advancement through technology and a bright magical future'
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Could you post this to Redbubble? I want this on a shirt.
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Not a huge fan of your typography, but the logo's quite good. Nice work.
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Tis tempting to use just this as a wallpaper...
I love your work, It's awesome!!
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Used here: [link]
Um...made another wallpaper. Thanks :)
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Dang, that's sweet! I LOVE IT!!!!!!
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I require the other 5 or i may perish without sustenance
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There's a lot of similar projects appearing for a longer time now, like the New Lunar Republic. I hope that one day someone will put it together and we will have a whole legitimate country :)
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now there's "king sombrero's embassy"
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SO! much ! yes!!! awesome job!!
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Time? Wasted? I see nothing of the sort. It's just so well balanced color wise, and it reads well at a glance.
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Amazing hope to see the other ministries from ya
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