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Another test of my new traditional/digital fusion.
I've always wanted an evil Twilight...  Even if it was short lived, I'm satisfied.
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Looks cool, evil is always more fun!
midnight sparkle looks so much better in the film than her figure counterpart
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This is awesome!
Are you going to do Daydream?
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Who is this "Midnight" character, and where did she come from???
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She's from Equestria Girls 3: Friendship Games.

Basically, a humanized Twilight from an alternate dimension that became corrupted by the magic she had been unknowingly taking from her world's Mane 6.
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This is a very good take at the style.
Yeah, that part of the movie was the best XD
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Cool, I liked that part! :)
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I must say, that part of my movie, was probably my favourite moment in the 3 movies.
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