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MWT Wallpaper

By Brisineo
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Last of my terminal wallpapers... or are they?
Fallout Equestria (c) Kkat
MLP:FIM (c) Hasbro
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© 2013 - 2020 Brisineo
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So... O.I.A. next? Please? :iconbigeyesplz:
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I put this as my wallpaper then added rainmeter. Then I just spent a few minutes getting the colors to all match. It's awesome!
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You should make one of these for the OIA, from Project Horizons. That'd be pretty cool. This is one of my all time favorite series, excellent work. :D
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i somehow see this more of a boot-screen for the power-armor hud
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Awesome design, and I can see what you were getting at with trying to make it look like a terminal, but it really makes the quality look bad and would look terrible as my wallpaper on my pc.
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Awesome and that is really clever with Applejack's cutie mark in the cogs of the BoS logo. Also love the coloring. Great work!
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BoS? This was the Emblem of the Steel Rangers, originally the Emblem of the MWT(Ministry of Wartime Technology), both are from Fallout Equestria.
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I thought I recognized the Brotherhood of Steel logo! Amazing art work, what program did you use to make it?
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Brotherhood of Steel? Is that what the Steel Rangers called themselves in FoE? Unimpressed emote 
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More?? Yes plz :squee:
absolutely brilliant designs btw :).
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I can't remember if the OIA had a logo or not.
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If I remember right, it looked like some sort of inter-connected line diagram representing the six ministries. I think.
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Very good. Probably my favorite of the terminals.
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YES!!!! I have been waiting for this one :D
Looks great!
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brotherhood of steel?
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Ministry of Wartime Technology from the crossover fic Fallout: Equestria. Yes, the insignia is based on the BoS, but they are quite different in purpose.
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Yep. :)
Or brotherhood of apples. xD

Cool wallpaper Brisineo!!! ^^
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