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MAS Wallpaper

By Brisineo
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A wallpaper experiment of mine. Tried to get that "terminal" effect with the screen and the glowing of the symbols.

I think this could look quite interesting given the right rainmeter attachments...
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is there a possibility i can get this without the terminal effect for a project? 
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Awesome, do you have a copy by chance without the terminal effect in the background?
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I have made this into a hoody for my brother and he has linked it back to you. I have also posted it onto my blog, I hope that it ok with you. It is am amazing design!
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Hey There, I hope you don't mind but, I featured this wallpaper on my YouTube series, Equals P. You can check it out here [link] Thanks again and I linked it back to you.
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You know those odd times when you see an image and go "Hey a cool wallpaper!" Then use it?

Yeah, I saw this on one of the "not general" threads and used it cos I thought it was awesome. I hadn't realised you did it! I've been using this for yonks now!
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The only thing that could make this (or any of these awesome wallpapers) better would be if this was a screen saver and the MAS symbol spun.

Just saying...
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Yeah, me too, but I got no experience with that sort of stuff. That's for someone else of a different talent to do.
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Yeah, me neither. I don't know how someone would make it a screensaver without some sort of modification, since .gif files don't run as screensavers.
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Like a .gif or something...
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aw yeah... setting this as background for bash: sweet :iconlachoirplz:
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You did indeed pull off that "terminal" effect very well; I especially like how the separation of the wings' feathers makes it seem like each part of the wings lights up as the computer terminal boots, almost like an indication of it loading.

However, I couldn't help but notice that you didn't pluralize "science," unlike in your solo emblem you made. Was that on purpose? Regardless, I really like this, and I'd like to see you do the same with the other emblems. Well done!
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Going to do any more "experiments" with the other ministries?
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Hey, I made a chrome theme of this. Great work :)
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That links doesn't work. :(
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Not exactly sure why.... It was there a day and then gone the next. All it said was deleted. I'm not sure if I should upload it again....
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Yes yes yes, you should upload it again!
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This is really cool, maybe some noise in the background would of been good.
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LOVE IT! Great work as always! :D
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This is nice, and a great idea having each ministries' terminals' colors reflect the colors of the ministry itself. Duochrome, I like it.
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Awesome...........just awesome.
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