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Col. Autumn Leaf

Col. Autumn Leaf of the Enclave. Leader of the Equestrian Wasteland invasion, skilled fighter, elite soldier, brother of Deadshot Calamity the Dashite.

Time taken: 6 hours

Like the others, originally hand-drawn, then vectored over.

SVG: [link]

Part of a Series of Fallout: Equestria vectors. Check out the others here!
-Red Eye: [link]
-Goddess Alicorns: [link]
-Raiders: [link]
-Protagonists: [link]
Original characters created by Kkat and the Fallout: Equestria fanfiction. MLP is owned by Hasbro, and I claim no ownership of both.
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deathclaw153's avatar
does anyone know this guy special stats I need to know
xXEeroXx's avatar
now u ruined my fav fallout carakter u proud of ur self asshole
Typhrus's avatar
Rest in peace Colonel Autumn, you did good Soldier.

A true hero of The Grand Pegasus Enclave, you will live on in all of us. *Salutes*

"Heroes get remembered, but Legends never die."
tingmarco's avatar
(for example. little pip would eventually get forgotten( if she dies that is) but colonel autumn will eventually become a legend.) also theres a mod that allows you to recruit autumn. (if you show him the truth of the enclave. so why wouldn't have little pip done it to leaf?)
GameJunkie7's avatar
I was extremely happy when Littlepip backstabbed him and killed him anyway.

Keeping your word with a monster is about as meaningful as when he kills you for helping him anyway.

Also, bucker deserved it.
Mr-Pugington's avatar
All I can say about this fella is, I hope he enjoyed that bullet to the face. :3
RechaDis's avatar
Great job with the desing 
flames-the-guard's avatar
can i use him he's awesome
TheFlimFlamBrothers's avatar
I personally LOVE colonel Autumn Leaf.. And I need more pictures of him. ;~;
Mr-Pugington's avatar
I really didn't like him that much. What he did was horrible and he would have just betrayed Little Pip if she had saved his life.
Zucca-Xerfantes's avatar
Hopefully he won't go down like a frikken pansy...
Sovierika's avatar
Well hello handsom. ♥

I loved how this turned out.
hopeabandoner's avatar
It' needs to be about 20 percent co-... no wait... scratch that. IT'S AWESOME!
Masdragonflare's avatar
Loving that armour :D
ParastarSarasva's avatar
Oh yes, its in color children, now you can see it in all its glory, hallelujah, amen, pass the ammunition, and all that.
Mindrop's avatar
Hehehehe. Very nice, very pretty, very nice, TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!
TheKoboldHero's avatar
That armor is beautiful. I want a set.

Also, for Cloudsdale! For the ENCLAVE!
UWoodward's avatar
You know the biggest mistake Littlepip ever made? Not stealing that pretty armor!
Mr-Pugington's avatar
Now that would have upset Calamity a lot if she had done something like that to his own brother.
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