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COMMISSION - Virtues of the Wasteland V2

A commissioned redo of a favorite pic of mine.

Ponies included:
Ripple (Guise of Chaos - Left)
Littlepip (Fallout Equestria - Top Left)
Murky (Murky Number Seven - Bottom)
Gardener (Gardener - Top Right)
Puppysmiles (Pink Eyes - Right)

[artist comment: After just reading Gardener, I'd be more inclined to imagine his virtue as 'Charity' more than anything, but eh, it works]
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i never read fallout equestria or played any fallout game and this is awesome! :meow:
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1 - the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness
2 - the state of being whole and undivided.
Whole and undivided

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I'd never thought of integrity for Ripple. He definitely does try to fit to that first definition.

Also, hah, whole and undivided indeed.
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Soo, why exactly did the other ones get removed? Or is it just to make another one of these?
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so... I dont know who Ripple or Gardener is...

would you still call Blackjack Perseverance or would that have changed in the recent chapters?

and I still cant read Murky Number seven... its a great story but where im at in it... It just hurts to read.
PencilPonies's avatar
Keep reading it, it's amazing! What chapter are you on?
Alexander-Krozz's avatar
chapter 15- Like Father, Like Son
I have a lot to catch up on... but his life sucks...
I thought Blackjacks was bad until I saw Murky's...
im not sure where It comes from but I have strong felling's toward slavery... any fallout game I play... or any game for that matter, I usually kill all the slavers I find without thinking about it... my friend noticed that that I do that...
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Okay, once you hit chapter 18 things get amazing. I was almost crying with joy by the end. MN7 is dark, yeah, but it's always motivational and uplifting in the end. Keep reading, it's worth it :D
Alexander-Krozz's avatar
yeah I plan on it... soon anyway...
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as always - NOPE as virtue of Murky. :D
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