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COMMISSION - New Stable Dweller

By Brisineo
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A particularly curious commission for :iconruinedomega:

First pic fully drawn in Manga Studio.  I'm falling in love with it.
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FadedGhost70Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, what the hell! I'm making a story of fallout equestria with fallout 3, new vegas, and 4. With all of the original characters from the original story! And now i see this...this must be a sign!
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CharlyDasherHobbyist Digital Artist
Wait... Vault 111? I see what u did here)
That's actually very interesting how they'd both built relationships with someone from the pre-War Equestria. I see a loooooong talk ahead based on what she can tell them about the old times.
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GasMaskFoxHobbyist Digital Artist
'So, you want to save the wasteland too?'
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That look on BJ 
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SomberPony Writer
Blackjack: "So... want some help relaxing?  I know a great way to blow off some steam.  Littlepip can help."
Littlepip: "I have a marefriend, Blackjack!  And so do you!"
Blackjack:  "They can join in too."
Littlepip: "I... we... they... they'd never go for that, Blackjack!"
Glory and Homage, off screen: "We're okay with it!"
Littlepip:  ::Stunned, squeaking noises.::
Blackjack levitates the frozen Littlepip as they wall off screen in the direction the pair had come from with a grin and an intrigued 111 mare.
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Digigex90Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Especially Littlepip's expression seems to say "You must be new around here."
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RuinedOmegaHobbyist Digital Artist
It's great! I love the expressions and the look of them all. Thanks again!
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This is just fantastic, I love the expressions, poor girl, needs to keep her eye on Blackjack, not Littlepip, Miss Security is the pone to be careful around, especially if you're cute.
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Salty-St0atHobbyist Writer
The Good, the Bad, and the New
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