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COMMISSION - Fallout Equestria: The Line (Pt 3)



A very large commission for 

Based on one of the main endings for the game Spec Ops: The Line. [massive spoiler warning]…

Part One:…
Part Two:…
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god job. read all the ending, stupid dark dude =P
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When I first found this, I thought that this 3 pages were all that there was.

Then I found it here once again, and there is more.

I have transcend beyond the realm of happiness.
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I... think you switched the "pull the trigger" and the "do nothing" link :|
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Spoiler Alert: In the game, if you do nothing, then you commit suicide, but if you shoot at "Konrad", you survive.
TheVikingEngebret's avatar
Yeah, but you can also just shoot yourself in game.
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i must admit i rather this ending, but i have seen it before in other similar comics
the original idea of such an ending is from where? a series? video game? movie? book?
deltahalo241's avatar
The ending is from the videogame Spec Ops: The Line. A great game that I wholeheartedly reccomend.
Chainsaw641's avatar
I'm not a shooter guy (excepto for fallout wich istchnically en apocalyps themed rpg)
ShadowX-1337's avatar
Spec Ops The Line is NOT your typical military-themed shooter.

It is psychological warfare against the people who play typical military-themed shooters.
deltahalo241's avatar
You could compare Spec Ops to Fallout in a way, they are both 3rd person. Where it differs is the setting (Nuclear wasteland and Desert Dubai respectivley) Also Spec Ops has a stronger narrative and story over all. I would highly reccomend you get the game, even if you aren't a shooter guy.
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i've tried worst sounding games, worth a shot i guess
deltahalo241's avatar
You can do a hell of a lot worse then Spec Ops.
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RIH (Rest in Hell) Littlepip and Captain Walker.

EPIC work! It seems Littlepip was talking to herself and then she shot herself in the head. Her brain got messed up. She's sick in the head! What she done on the whole mission. I like the 'end transmission.'

"Murders!" - Soldier from the Damned 33rd.

"Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..." - Lugo
"He turn us into F5^&ing killers!" - Lugo

"Run mother%^#$er!" - Adams

"We done this already!" - Walker
Konrax's avatar
Whats funny, I can see this happening with blackjack as well

Goldenblood: I could never escape the reality of what happened here, that was my downfall, there, finished. I hope you like it.

Blackjack: What the hell is going on?

Goldenblood: You're eyes are opening up for the first time, it hurts, doesn't it?

Goldenblood: Go on, what do you think?

Blackjack: -Looks at the painting of burning ponies at the bottom with blackjack at the top with weapons around her- You did this..

Goldenblood: No, you did, your actions kill 47 innocent ponies, somepony has to pay for you're crimes, Blackjack. who's it gonna be

Goldenblood walks behind the painting and vanishes

Blackjack: "Golden..." -trots around the painting, and sees a pony behind it sitting in a chair- is that you?

Blackjack: "I'm done playing games, Goldenblood."

Goldenblood: "Are you, now? I assure you, this is no game."

-Blackjack slowly trots up to the chair only to find bones of a pony, eyes wide open in shock-

Goldenblood: -Walks up from behind blackack-"It appears that rumors of my survival, have been, greatly exaggerated..."

Blackjack: "This is impossible"

Goldenblood: "Oh I assure you, it is"

Blackjack: How?

Goldenblood: Not how, why.., you were never meant to come here

(((Blackjack: -talking to Daisy and Marmalade-  The raiders are here for a program, I'm gonna steal it and hope they come chase after me, then mom and you can retake the stable. I'll return once I've lost them))
-End flashback-

Blackjack: What happened in the wasteland was out of my control...

Goldenblood: Was it? None of this would've happened if you just stopped.

-Flashback of blackjack pushing a button killing 40 foals-

Goldenblood: But on you marched. And for what?

Blackjack: I tried to save ponies.

Goldenblood: You're no savior.
- Quick Series of flashbacks-
Blackjack crying before shooting a mare in the head stuck in a wall
Blackjack putting gorgon in a rock crusher
Blackjack killing tumble weed with her magic

Goldenblood: Your talents lie elsewhere.

- Flashback-
(((Glory: Stop right there P21)))
-End flashback-

Blackjack: This isn't my fault.

Blackjack: -Talks in goldenbloods voice- It takes a strong mare to deny what's right in front of her. And if the truth is undeniable, you create your own.

(((Rampage: what the hell happened?)))
(((Glory: I don't know, she just stop moving)))
(((P21: Blackjack, snap out of it!)))
(((Blackjack: I get it, we have to choose -Stares at a pair of dead bodes hanging on a rope half eaten-))
-End flashback-

Goldenblood: The truth, blackjack, is that you're here because you wanted to feel like something you're not: A hero.

(((Blackjack: -shocked seeing a image of P21 from an enemy- P21?))
(((P21: YOU LEFT ME TO DIE! -points a knife at Blackjack-)))
-End flashback-

Goldenblood: I'm here because you can't accept what you've done. It broke you.

(((Blackjack: -speaks into a sprite bot with static coming from it- Watcher, Watcher...please.))
((Rampage/glory/P21 looks at each other in confusion))
-flashes into next memory-
(((Glory: Whats going on blackjack?)))
(((Blackjack: -Looks out at the wasteland- It's Goldenblood, he did it, all of it.))

Goldenblood: You needed somepony to blame, so you cast it on me. A dead pony. I know the truth is hard to hear blackjack, but it's time. You're all that's left and we can't live this lie forever. levitates a pistol, pointing it at Blackjack's reflection in the mirrior I'm going to count to five, then I'm pulling the trigger.

Blackjack: You're not real. This is all in my head.

Goldenblood:  Are you sure? Maybe it's in mine? One.

Blackjack: No... everything, all of this, It was your fault!

Goldenblood:  If that's what you believe then shoot me. Two.

Blackjack: I-I didn't mean to hurt anypony...

Goldenblood: No-pony ever does Blackjack. Three.

Blackjack: *levitates a pistol and points it at goldenblood's reflection in the mirrior*

Goldenblood: Four. Is this really what you want Blackjack?

Blackjack points the pistol at her own reflection which in turn points it at her own head

Goldenblood: So be it, five.

Blackjack pulls the trigger, ending her life after becoming a monster

-slight static of a radio- Goldenblood: This is goldenblood, head of the Office of Interministry Affairs of Equestria, the evacuation to the nearest stable has ended up a complete failure, death toll, too many..

OH MAN what a twist if that would have happened as a ending for project horizons but meh, it won't :(
Shogun-Nesto's avatar
This is Commander Rainbow Dash of the Equestrian Air Guard, the evacuation of Canterlot and the Princesses has been a complete failure. Death Toll: Too Many.
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Zedmuffins's avatar
Oh my gods this is amazing! Part of me want to see how Little Pip's choice affected the others. (/)>U<(\)
Daiskida's avatar
Now part of me wishes she chose a different ending.
SoldierBrony's avatar
I've re-read this about six times now, and I'm still getting chills.
ILM126's avatar
Have you also seen the youtube clip?
SoldierBrony's avatar
I have, though I'm going to have to wait to play the game until I get a better graphics card.
ILM126's avatar
Same here...
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