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COMMISSION - Fallout Equestria: The Line (Pt 2)

A very large commission for :iconvalikdu:

Based on one of the main endings for the game Spec Ops: The Line. [massive spoiler warning]…

Part One:…
Part Three:…
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Hahaha....I'm glad the story actually did happen, or this would be incredibly disheartening. would be realistic.
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Let it not be assumed that I hate LittlePip, but this ending would be much darker and more fitting for a post-apocalyptic story.
Masterbuscus's avatar
In a way it kind of works for it to. She (like velvet) was sick of her life in the bunker. Would it not make sense for her to break in the apocalypse and try to make sense of it all by being the hero?
Persona22's avatar
When the game says that line "You are here because you want  to feel like something  you are not: A hero" it's talking to the player. Not the game character. It's saying "Yeah player, you want to go into a power fantasy where you save the world? That's why you play video games?"
jolliapplegirl's avatar
Honestly, I think this would work with Blackjack more.
hunterN05's avatar
Duuuude, that is... my brain is... messing up from this Dx
Holy crap.

Awesome job.
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The transition on Little Pip's eyes where her pupil shrank was beautifully done.

If this crossover was ever made a fic, I will read the shit out of it.

If it have not been made a fic yet, I will make it so.
Brisineo's avatar
I actually quite liked your commentary on the comic.  It was... surprisingly parallel to my own mindset when making this.

If you do end up making a fic based on this, please, I'd love to read.
AranyaP's avatar
Actually, you know what?

I'm going to write the Fic ight here, page-by-page along with the comic.

Maybe once I'm done, I'll put it up on Fimfiction or something, with your permission and after sending it through editors and proof-readers, of course.

Would that be okay? Because I'm cool if you don't want me to clutter the page's comment up with a bigass wall-o-text.
Brisineo's avatar
I'm cool with it.  Go right ahead.
AranyaP's avatar
Thank you! :) I'm glad that I can make something that is enjoyable to you even on the tiniest bit compared to what you have created for me to enjoy. :D

If there's no fic of it already, I definitely will get a work on it. The problem will be how, is all. Because it is most likely just going to become a commentary-description of what was already drawn here.

But maybe people will like that, who knows? :)

I definitely hope that you will! :D
platogkrone's avatar
So, did you do it? Did you make the story? if so, Where can i find it?
WOW this completely does not work on all the levels. how can spike be a hallicination when like five other ponies saw and interacted with him?
Neko-Noskire's avatar
i saw a movie once that was basically this. it was about this guy who had serious insomnia and began hallucinating this strange man that keeps harassing him and causing accidents. later on the man discovers that half of his social life was just one big hallucination and the man harassing him was a subconscious image of his own younger self trying to remind him of a hit and run he committed some years ago and tried to cover up.
czablotski's avatar
i need to know what movie this is xD
AranyaP's avatar
Sounds like Fight Club.
Neko-Noskire's avatar
i heard about fight club. same idea there too. anyways i finally remembered the movie i was talking about it's called "the machineist"
J25TheArcKing's avatar
Just like the ending, fantastic work! Professional! But in Fallout Equestria woo hoo!!!!!!

Those scars, wounds and blood on Littlepip :iconlittlepipplz: DAMN POOR HER! She's still alive hehehe! She's like an undead...

Part Three... Oh oh! Not the suicide ending! 0_0
Atomicbob18's avatar
That last panel gave me the chills.
tylertlat's avatar
The leaving the vault scene and preceding line make this disturbingly plausible.  And amazingly, even more depressing.
Drakin929's avatar
Very creepy, but I'll be honest, I had to bring the file into Gimp and lighten the last panel to see what others were seeing, and I had the brightness turned way up on my computer. 

Very moving and somewhat depressing work, but amazing all the same. Some of it was just a bit too dark to make out. ^_^;;

I literally JUST noticed Spike's skeleton in that panel. Yikes.

DragonClaw883's avatar
Awesome, my whole body is trembling. Great work!
The picture of the Gardens all dilapidated and Spike dead... that's depressing.
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