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Because the Littlepip one was so popular, here's another one.

Without Text: [link]
Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons (c) Somber
Fallout Equestria (c) Kkat
MLP:FIM (c) Hasbro inc.
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I enjoyed the original Fallout: Equestria, but Project Horizon, to me, gave more details that the other like how the radiation was effecting blackjack after her first encounter with a ghoul.
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And this is why I love Blackjack a tad more than Littlepip :) I love both stories but Project Horizons was just so cool.
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I can't believe I read this beast of a story. Along with the original, and pink eyes. I am waiting for Heroes to finish and in the middle of Murky. I mean damn, the stories are amazing but sometimes it feels like chipping away at a mountain. 
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One of the best quotes I've ever seen. This story is just awesome...
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This was Spike's quote, not Blackjack's, btw.
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Help! I'm trying to use this quote for an essay in school and I need to know where I can find it! I know it's in like 5 places but after 4 hours I've yet to find it. Please if anyone knows a chapter where she says this tell me!
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The quote should be: "You do everything you can to make up for it, knowing that you'll never succeed in getting rid of the guilt. You devote yourself to spending every second trying to do better, despite the fact that it will never be enough. And you pray with every single good act you do that somehow, when your life is over, that your lifetime will come close to making up for the wrong you commited."
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Honestly that is the right quote, she says it like 5 times "differently"
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This is my favorite quote EVER.
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Just curious, what's the font used called?
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AWESOME picture!
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As awesome as this is (and words fail me when I try to expand on that), I can't help but get a slight sense of dissonance from the
... grim... nature of the message, and the cheeky little grin Blackjack's wearing in the corner there.
I feel as though she's sat there thinking "I know something you don't".
Heck, if I saw the text-less version of this on an actual computer screen, I'd half expect a screamer to pop up as soon as I clicked a button.
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Nothing describes her more.
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if you'd change  it a bit it'll make a great T-Shirt.
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Pony Blackjack? Where can I learn more? I wonder if it's related to the Tezuka character - the design sure resembles him!
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She's the main character of the recursive fanfic "Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons", the single largest and most popular story based on Kkat's "Fallout:Equestria". Knowledge of the latter is not necessary for understanding of the former, although basic knowledge of the "Fallout" and "MLP:FIM" series' would be beneficial.

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Such a well developed character :)
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How many can compare to one who, even when the odds are all stacked against her, could still prevail? How many are brave enough compare to one who, even though she had committed countless mistakes and done so much wrong, is willing to face up to her errors even though she may never make up for them? How many are strong enough in their convictions compare to one who, regardless of what horror, pain and evil thrown in her way and made her suffer, still strive to do good, and be good? 

Blackjack - may she persevere, may she triumph, and may she one day find peace.
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I cried a little read both the pic and this. Great work
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I'd argue that Blackjack is Mercy, not Perseverance. She's always willing to give another chance, gives her all to people who don't deserve it, and she looks for a cause behind evil instead of smiting it blindly. She does things that blacken her own soul in the pursuit of ending the suffering of others, and forgives and trusts where nopony else would. But she snaps too often to be perseverance. And just like Littlepip's virtue is a subcategory of generosity, Mercy is a subset of kindness, and Blackjack seems to gravitate towards Fluttershy a lot.

I'd also argue that if Littlepip is Sacrifice with the potential to be Corrupted Kindness, then Blackjack has the potential to become Corrupted Sacrifice. Because while Blackjack gets fucked over by the wasteland even worse than Littlepip through PH, many of her sacrifices are borne out of her perception of herself as needing to atone for something and her subconscious drive toward self-harm and suicide.

God, I'm probably reading into it way too much. I still really like this anyway.
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