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For some reason next Halloween, I wanna be in a costume based on Dirk Strider's Trickster Mode.
I'm laughing at one of my ship names and (soon to be) the first art for the ship.
The name rolls off the tongue and it made me laugh since the names fit together perfectly. Kinda like a glove! :D
I wonder if anyone else has Pesterchum...
..Other then me and my sister.
Woop they blocked her.
I sent it to three of the four people she mentioned.
The last one I am unsure of, that being Aqua.
I might ask my friend for a link so I can apologize to her. Not the best apology, but I was never good at them anyways..
So uh.. how to go about this.
So my friend asked me to apologize on her behalf.
She might do a full apology, since I know that is kinda pusillanimous of her to do that. Aka it's a little cowardly in my point of view.
But yeah, sorry for my friend making those artworks, and sorry for me jumping into this drama with little evidence only to jump ship after realizing how dumb it was in my opinion.
Also Aqua, I unblocked you. I haven't blocked anyone else unless they were particularly involved in the drama.
HOPEFULLY, nobody posts about this dumb drama, and we can all bury it with our apology art. And also probably vouch to never speak of this again UNLESS if it is private.
So I learned about trickster mode in Homestuck and..
..God it's weird. :/
Also I have a pesterchum! I am not giving you my pesterchum id because the user I have is for one of my three fanchildren "Aura Marlton".
*falls on the ground tired*
Ah, I'm just gonna be drawing and doing chores for the rest of the day.
Probably more art for Cookie Run Ring and Cross.
Hey Axe, don't comment on every status. Honestly, sometimes it makes you come off as... well, rude, to put it bluntly. At least, to some of my followers it would come off as such.
But to cut to the chase, if you are interested in learning more about Violet and Aqua, you can rp the newest starter (even if it is a double reboot of an old starter). Even if you don't know the game, there is a link to download it. Trust me, it's safe to get the download, and to go get Firefox (or if you have it, you can click on the file called "index.html").
But that's IF you want to. You don't have to if you don't want to! :)
If you squint at the profile image, you'll see the straight pride flag.
I support you all for your own sexuality! As for me, I am straight for now! ..Who knows if it will change down the road....Hm...
To give you the short and sweet version of the journal:
Drama starts about hate art in favor of the OC's, and not the already existing cookie (for example, Cheerleader Cookie).
I wanted to cover it, but backed out, realizing how stupid it was to cover it.
And then I made art based off of said drama, basically facepalming at this point.
This has less merit then the Spoctor Drama, and that's saying something.
Oh and also I am leaving the Cookie Run fandom.
AM - Aura Marlton
MM - Mira Melody
KL - Kuro Lowlife
and there is also Krisollusprite.
AM: I'm bored.
AM: I have nothing to do today, school's out and there is..
AM: ZERO! Nothing to do at ALL!
*Aura falls on the floor of her room, bored out of her mind*
Krisollusprite: II have n0 idea what tw0 tell y0u.
MM: Aura get off the floor.
*Mira is overlooking Aura*
AM: How about no.
*Mira facepalms*
KL: I've been online for several days now, and none of you responded to me.
KL: Ignorance at it's finest.
MM: Well, Aura's been lazy for the past few days.
AM: Fuuuu*udge* you..
*Aura falls asleep, being bored, she also is a bit more chubbier then usual*
KL: That doesn't excuse her for not responding to me or West or even Dirk. 
KL: Even if Dirk doesn't really like Aura at all.
MM: Well, that is true.
Krisollusprite: Any0ne g0iing tw0 ackn0wledge the fact that my 2ii2ter fell a2leep?
*Mira and Kuro look down to see what Krisollusprite was talking about*
MM: …*gosh* dangit Aura..


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Arianna Mellotchi
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I returned after a whole 1 year and 6 months. Yes, it's been that long.
Updates: March April May Update (Spring profile picture and avatar!), Changed from a Student to a Hobbyist because I do art sometimes but it's kind of now become a hobby of mine, and also added more Interests!
Update: Profile Picture needs to be updated to match the Tumblr one (maybe)!

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