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Sudden Attack 2 - Kim Jiyun

model for XPS 11.7.1-11.8

© 2016 - 2021 Bringess
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Hi how do I get that model on the left with no extra gear?
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optional items
(Options---Display accessories---Optional Items)
thnx lol i'm a retard didnt see the msg
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Thank you so much
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very good mod. i need pose "T", please
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she is sexy and has cute face, could you also rip out leona? i want her
She will be deleted in the game! What a PITY!
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Fix her head jaw and facial bones, please! T^T
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you can fix it yourself
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Cry forever  My work is started at 7:15AM and end at 6:00PM every day
rainbow cry I have no time to do anything
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oookay, but iam very busy too :/
maybe fix her jaw later, maaaybe
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:D (Big Grin) Glad to heard that
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These girl is so cute! Thanks for share!
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Nice work! thank you very much!
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Thanks for sharing. But I couldn't open her jaw. Could you please check?
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use the move mode with "head jaw" bone, "facial lowrlip" and "facial uprlip"group bones.
also use "head lip upper middle" and "head lip lower middle" bones.
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Now I have an excuse to upgrade from XPS 11.6
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