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Dark Souls swords

for XPS and Xnalara
© 2014 - 2021 Bringess
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Thank you so much, cool af !

Exquisite, just like the

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thanks you so much !!
just when i needed references for the greatsword of Artorias :)
Perfect !!
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good job but there still even more weapon of dark souls to do like bows staves axes and i see that abyss greatsword of Artorias is missing, anyway continue like this
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holdup whats that weapon called inbetween the claymore and artoriases sword?
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maybe Darksword?
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Is that to the scale that silver knight straight sward is longer than claymore??
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that's amazing, is there anything like a Chain Whip in this game ?
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nope, there are no chains
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oh, i was looking for something similar to Diao Chan's Whip from Dynasty Warriors 6, was just wondering if there was a type of weapon in this game,
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A surprising variety to the swords I suppose I was too busy being run through with them to notice in-game . . .
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and axes, daggers, spears, halberds, crossbows, hammers and bows will also be added
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this is awsome, many thanks!!! :D :D :D
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Wow Bringess, these are some great swords :)

Thanks for sharing, these will be quite useful :3

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you're welcome))
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