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Chapter 30. Modus Operandi
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Android Saga - Part 4: Modus Operandi
His arms stretched straight forward, Krillin flew in the rear next to Trunks, whose presence was overshadowed by Goku and Vegeta and allowed him to slip into the background. Despite being one of the weakest Z fighters, he still took the threat of the androids seriously. He intended to use the opportunity flying to Bulma's to be the first to individually discuss things with the time traveling half Saiyan.
"So, Trunks, do you really think that if you team up with Goku and Vegeta that the three of you will be able to take on these androids? Not that I'm doubting you, man, I just realize that my own contributions to the team are pretty small. You Super Saiyans raise the bar to a place I just can't go."
Trunks' long silvery hair rippled violently in the wind. He had heard Krillin's quest
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Semiperfect Cell (I-Am-So-Original) by bringerofdeathDBZ Semiperfect Cell (I-Am-So-Original) :iconbringerofdeathdbz:bringerofdeathDBZ 11 0
Chapter 29. Anger
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Android Saga - Part 3: Anger
The lush foliage of Yardrat stretched for miles in every direction. A half-dozen alien children stood nearby, chanting happily in a language Goku didn't know. But the Saiyan wasn't paying attention to them. His focus was completely on one teenage alien.
"Come on, Somen! You know you can't outrun me!" Goku was panting. No matter how fast he dashed forward, the boy just shimmered in place and apparated away.
Somen grinned. "You have to feel my energy; all this huffing and puffing is only going to tire you out." The boy was incredibly talented for his age - it usually took many years for the Yardrats to master Instant Transmission. Goku had taken an instant liking to him. Although the alien looked nothing like Gohan, his cheerful
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In our latest chapter, Mersisse Imperfectionem, Cell absorbs cyborg Krillin in an attempt to gain another transformation. It backfires, and Krillin escapes along with 18.

We're interested in getting art of Krillin pulling himself out of Perfect BoD Cell's throat, as well as kaioken Krillin beating the snot out of BoD Semiperfect Cell.


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Bringer of Death Team
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npberryhill and davidstarlingm are the authors of Bringer of Death, a popular DBZ fanfiction about a universe in which Vegeta became the first Super Saiyan.



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