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Wolf Jaeger Portrait

This is a picture of my first Dungeons and Dragons character. She's looking rather dashing and serious in her cloak of The Purple and her uniform. Well, I hope so, anyway.

Yes, Wolf is a woman through and through. If you've heard of Rose of Versailles, then that's all the explanation you really need. I based part of her background on the character of Oscar from that anime series.

I'm having difficulty getting this camera to bring out the colours as I would like. Her hair is a little too red. It's supposed to be light brown. It also looks a little dark, despite the flash. If it wasn't so cold (and snowy) outside, I'd use daylight. Oh well.

deviantART won't let me put the 'a' with the umlat over it in the title. Her surname is supposed to be spelled like this: Jäger.

March 2005.

Technical pen, watercolour pencils.
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Oooh, so that's what Wolf looks like. I really like your style of drawing. She looks really tough, as if she were ready to commence the asskicking or what not. I likee!
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Thanks. :-D Wolf is quite tough. Crack shot with the short bow, let me tell you!