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Ruka Hurting

Ruka Aozora, one of my Dungeons & Dragons characters. People in her village weren't very nice, and they hurt her. This is after she put her dislocated shoulder back in place.

October 2005.

Technical pen.
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very cool work reggie. I would like to see more of your work like that. Try making her in color. That conveys stronger emotion. She looks tough. Very strong emotion.
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The hand is pretty big (check your own hand width and finger size vs the width of your upper arm), but otherwise it looks great. Funny thing too was that I was going to suggest drawing/mention that you haven't done any submissions in awhile next time you were online :o
brin5tar's avatar
I'm not sure whether her hand is too big or her arm too small... Hm...

Yeah, it's been ages, hasn't it? I'm going to try and set myself a goal. At least one submission per month. I think that is doable. Yes? Yes.
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A good goal :P You could also compare the hand width to the face/head width, and compare in the mirror. I still think the hand/fingers is/are kinda wide.
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This is a really nice piece. Your line work is amazing as always, and your anatomical form is spot on. She looks really tough.