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Legend of Zelda Valentine's day



(Zelda in mind bubble): Groose! OMG ur like, the bes evur! Marry meh!
Groose: My darling Zelda, in honor of Valentine\'s day I give you one of my heart\'s (actually I stole it from Link) and wrote you a poem, Heart\'s are red, bomb\'s are blue, my hair is stunning, just like you.
Real Zelda: -__________-;
Link: XI
Fi: Master, your hearts have depleted.

I drew this on valentines day but just got to uploading it now! any ways, you all now Groose? If you don\'t LOOK HIM UP! Link is the one dead in the corner with one heart left XD DX. So I forgot how long it took me to do this, The coloring was difficult and the ENTIRE time I was listening to Groose\'s theme to get into the mood! did you know that him and Gaston (from beauty and the beast) are almost Exactly alike? yeah that\'s about it!
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Link: *found more hearts!*
Groose: I give this heart to you.
Zelda: Where did you... Nevermind.
Would you like a kiss? ^.^
Groose: :iconblushplz: Of course! *puckers up*
Zelda: *hands him a chocolate kiss*
Here you go! ^_^
Groose:*not what he meant* Uhh.. Thanks..
Zelda:*smiles and skips over to Link* Hi Link!
Link: Hey Zelda! Happy Valentines day!
Zelda: And a happy Valentines day to you too! Would you like a kiss?
Groose:*watching behind a bush* XD At least I'll see the look on his face when he gets the same thing. *snicker*
Zelda: Close your eyes!
Link:*sighs and obeys*
Zelda: *pulls out a large chocolate kiss and places it into Link's hand*
Link: *opens eyes and smiles* Thank you Ze-
Zelda:*kissed him before he could finish*
Link:*kisses back*
Groose: AW COME ON!!!
Link:*pulls away and smiles* Thanks. I needed that. <3
Zelda: ^.^ <3