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Server for fun and for relaxation, you can share your creativity, talk on interesting topics, participate in contests and much more

Please, read rules!

1. To see gore and nsfw channels, you need to specify your age. If you deceive us, we will block you. Also we ask to throw off your profile (most often deviantART and a tumblr). So we will understand - whether you are a troll or not.
2. Please be kind and respectful to each other. Don't insult anyone, don't threaten or infringe on human rights. If you don't like something - tell a person that he does not show you this. A person should understand that the other is annoying.
3. Please communicate only in english. You can communicate in your language only in the channel of your language. Be respectful to each other.
4. Don't touch on the topic of suicide, because it's a touching and serious topic. Some don't want to listen to this, and some - take it to heart.
5. Talk on a specific topic only for those assigned to this channel. If something is missing, ask the channel creator or administrators, moderators or editors. (but it's better to start to address the creator and not write to everyone in a row about it, it can be annoying)
6. The creator is russian, so she doesn't know english well. I ask to understand this and not to mistakes seriously. (and in general this applies to all foreign personalities)

7. If your alternative universe or your ship is interesting (with a story, that's clear) - then it will be allocated a certain topic, where everything will be devoted to this au / ship (history). Some universes may not be added if there are too many. I ask you to be sympathetic to this with understanding and calm.
8. Please listen to us, we do not appreciate aggressive behavior. If we ask you to apologize or stop, then please do so. Failing to comply will result in a kick from the server. Continuous misconduct will result in a ban.

9. This server belongs to such a ship as a self-insert or canonself. This doesn't mean that we don't like other ships, no. But the main essence of the server is this. I beg you not to offend anyone for their peying and for the way it looks. (if it doesn't go beyond the normality) Be tolerant, otherwise we will have to ban you.

Now that's all. The rules will be replenished with time.
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Q: What is your name and how can you be called?
A: My name is Alexandra, but you can call me Alex, Lexa or Sanya. Don't ever call me Shura, I just don't like it.

Q: How old are you and when is your birthday?
A: In this time I'm 15 y.o. and my birth date - 11.11.2002 

Q: Where do you live and where are you from?
A: I'm from Russia and I live at the moment in Russia, but I plan to go live abroad. 

Q: What is your orientation? 
A: I'm pansexual and fictonromantic. 

Q: How old are you in drawing and animation?
A: I am currently painting for 8-9 years, and I have been doing animation for about a year. I used to be fond of animation, so I know what it is and how many years it has been.

Q: Do you know how to cast and what is your experience in role-playing games?
A: I've been playing for 8-9 years and I, as you know, have a huge experience in this business. Usually I play medium posts, not large and not small. To me so it is most convenient. 

Q: Can you draw me?
A: No. My requests are closed FOR ALL. I have collabs and art trades, but here I already have drawing skills (or friends). I only make gilts to my favorites and friends. Commissions are open. Kiribans are closed. 

Q: What programs do you use for drawing and animation?
A: Drawing - Paint Tool Sai (computer) and Ibis Paint x (phone or tablet); animation - Sony Vegas Pro (computer), Adobe Flash (computer) and KineMaster (phone or tablet). 

Q: Who is your mascot? 
A: That's me or myself. Not my character or something like that. 

Q: What kind of ships do you love and hate?
A: Love - charisk, canonself or self-insert, some canon ships, afterdeath, errorink (if Ink - on top or the asset), greyster and something like that; hate or don't like - female frans (where Frisk - female character), chans, siza, setty, papara, pafrisk and something like that. 

Q: What games do you normally play?
A: TERA, Alicia, RPG Horror Games and Blade & Soul. That's all.

Q: How do you want to develop your channel (youtube) and what do you plan to add? 
A: Approximately from 2009-2011 I want to be a gamer and shoot the way I play different games, comment on those. In the plans I also had the development of animation (Map, Mep, Animation meme and some other Short Animations), I also want to try myself in MMD (MikuMikuDance) and, perhaps, the vlogs or stories from personal life. And then we'll see. 

Q: Do you have any plans for the moment? 
A: Yes. Now I have one year on the project for creating my RPG game. Also in the plans I had to create 2-3 parts of it. Even in the plans there was one game, but smaller scales. Well, maybe a serial cartoon, which is likely to be over Undertale and he's universes.

And now that's all. :ззззз
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1. This is my favorite character for 3 years already;
2. I understand that the character can like not only me, but also many others, because it was not created for me, but for a general audience;
3. I don't consider him my own, he belongs to Toby Fox, and I can't even treat the characters like that;
4. We have a great age difference, even if we take on the fans, so I'm not comfortable with this and I generally doubted at first - is it worth it? And just wanted to make us at the level of best friends
Perhaps this will happen, I don't know for sure, and I can't afford this in terms of propriety, even if I like this character
5. I can spit myself with fan characters. (The same AU)
Why? Oh yeah, rolleplay is power
Yes, and I have a couple who is to cast for a common character, heh;
6. I will draw comics, where I can accidentally or specially grab something
My excuses? Different timelines, and just a different course of events
I can't give myself an exact twist of the plot, because it's not there, so I'll draw a lot of this (it also affects this that my mascot is an extra-coded creature);
7. I get pissed off when the character is done by his own, or understated by others, or even similar ones are joking. Why? I don't know, I just don't like it and I want to hit it.

And yet, I came to the fadom before he going to be popular and fell in love with Sans when he almost didn't attract anyone
So don't say that I love him for a popular
I just don't run like a rat in fandoms and I don't run after glory, so I'd have been drawing something else for a long time, except for the Undertale  

Regarding copyright infringement:

Toby Fox didn't forbid the use of his characters on various resources. As for other AUs, I keep an eye on all blogs and if the author forbade him to spank his character (Dust!Sans was forbidden to spank at all with anyone and draw porn with him, but your little hands still don't respect Dust's author and you continue to do it. So at first look at yourself before exposing me to the claim) - I wouldn't, I have respect for the creators of the characters.
If Toby had copyrighted, everything would have flown right away, like the ship, and just porn. :)
All AU is a violation of copyright infringement, because they are not their characters, but the characters of Toby. They simply change them for themselves.
Toby didn't forbid it, as you can see. So don't run to me and try to tell me what I already know or hang noodles on my ears. 

Now I made game with me and my history