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Art Trades! Hey everyone!! My English course ended last saturday so i have time to make some art trades (specially those of Transformers Prime!), im gonna open 5 spots for art trades, but first iīll leave a list of what i CAN/WILL DO and what i CANīT/WONT DO, so please read them carefully, ok?What i do:Original charactersCanon characters (such as Batman, Captain America, etc)Crossover (such as Disney x DC, etc)AnimalsAnimestampsdigital (thatīs rare cuz, i usually go for traditional, but i still can do)traditional artcannonxoccannonxcannonWhat i dont do:Porn (Want porn? go to porn websites)Gore/extreme violencedemons (goes against my religion, kay?)pixelsanimationsfetish stuff (NOPE, AND A HUNDRED TIMES NOPE!!)Now, if youīre interested please sent me a note or comment with the following form, thatīll help a lotFrom:Art Trade type:References/Details (a lot of details plz):Now, dont worry, iīll keep you on the loop so you know the progress of the art trade. Iīd also like to leave a personal note cuz this has happend to me in the past with another artists, iīll leave that note in capital letters so you read it carefully:IF YOU FEEL YOU CANīT DO YOUR HALF, LET ME KNOW OR SIMPLY DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE FIRST PLACE. IT HAS HAPPEND TO ME AND DESPITE IM VERY PATIENT I HAVE BEEN WAITING YEARS FOR THE HALF OF ART TRADES THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN POSTED, IīVE BEEN WAITING SINCE 2016, SO PLEASE BE SURE YOU CAN DO THE ART TRADE CUZ I DONT FEEL LIKE I CAN WAIT ANOTHER 4 YEARS.Having said that, here are the five spots.1- @makeshiftmeow (Done)2- @redhood003 (done)3- @TFAfangirl14 (done)4- @meso-mhyrr (in progress)5- @JuliezJewel (starting tomorrow)Now iīd like to thank you for your time to read the journal and i hope we can do great art trades.- LordVaderNihilus
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Crochet Amigurumi Catsicle in the Basket 01 by TexyBags
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Soul on FireGod, I'm running for Your heart I'm running for Your heart Till I am a soul on fire Lord, I'm longing for Your ways I'm waiting for the day When I am a soul on fire Till I am a soul on fire [x2] Within the Fire Nation Royal Palace gardens, a trio of adolescent ladies plus a small child were captivated watching their lovers/brother in a friendly duel. Each of the teenage girls was attractive in an individual way. Though, Prince Zuko's sweetheart, Lady Akiko's beauty, virtually made her look like some goddess.To Akiko's right was Mai, a high-ranking lord's only daughter, with a taste for goth. To her left yet another male aristocrat daughter named Ty Lee. Ty Lee's personality was quite bubbly and enthusiastic. Currently relaxing in Akiko's lap was her boyfriend's younger sister, Princess Kiyi. The five-year-old aristocrat was unquestionably adorable.Her godmother, Xiaoying, had sewed kiyi's outfit. A splendid light pink cheongsam decorated with vivacious fire lilies. Around her neck was a gorgeous beaded necklace of pink tourmaline, garnet, morganite, pink diamonds, rubies, and pezzottaite. A close friend Princess Ursa, a jeweler, named Kishi, crafted the princess's fifth birthday necklace. Kishi remained the most prominent jeweler in the Fire Nation.Ursa's others close friends comprised of the following. A holistic healer named Yang. The other two were the proprietor of a prizewinning spa, Rei. Lastly, a top-quality vocalist named Saura.Plus, Kishi's twin brother is named Kami. He held the title of headmaster at the Royal University. It remained refreshing to have several friends, even if Ursa's best friends remained Lady Sakiko and Lady Xiaoying.Though none of that affected the duel between the three lads, they made their girlfriends' hearts swoon. Given their tall, muscular, fine-looking bodies.Lord, restore the joy I had I have wandered, bring me back In this darkness, lead me through Until all I see is You"Come on, Akira! Step it up!" called out Mai to her beau. Ty Lee gushed out, "Be careful, Hideki! Don't be a meany! Keep it friendly!""Zuky, I know you can win! Keep it up!""Yes, big brother! You can do it!"Unfortunately, they'd never find out who would've prevailed in the duel. Not when a blast of azure fire interrupted the fight. Immediately everyone turned to see Princess Azula smirking."Sorry to interrupt your little dance rehearsal," unquestionably not apologetic. "However, this is my time to spend with my companions. Mai! Ty Lee! Come! Let's get going!" she barked out her orders. The young men snarled at Azula as the ladies sighed, "We'll catch up later, Akira," Mai apologized with a quick peek."Yeah, sorry we have to leave, but Azula's calling. You still did an outstanding job, Hideki! Your aura is growing more brilliant by the day!" Ty Lee joyously notified her beau before she cartwheeled away.Immediately after Azula swiped their lovers, nineteen-year-old Akira let out a sigh of revulsion. "Why does she continually ruin things?" spitting on the ground. Sixteen-year-old Hideki sighed emphatically. Then repeated what they all knew to be the truth. A truth none of them liked, yet it remained a fact."Yeah, I'm pissed about it too, Akira. No way, anyone would appreciate being forced to be Azula's 'friends." Nevertheless, we know it's not by choice. Their stupid parents made that choice, not them.Yet, it's typical behavior for aristocrats. Take my mother, for example? She's such a social climber. No doubt their parents only agreed to it for their own greedy, self-seeking purposes.""That's more then accurate, Hideki," Zuko chimed in. Then offering his friend a towel, " Given my cousin's disposition? She'd never make genuine companions on her own. Azula's never had a friend, nor do I believe she's ever desired one.""Ain't that the truth, Zuky? I wouldn't fancy Azula's karma. What goes around comes around. Sooner or later, that Demon will get what's coming to her," sighed Akiko holding Kiyi tightly in her arms. The little girl quivered in Akiko's arms. Kiyi's terror of Azula remained unmistakable. Given Azula's brutality knew no end. She'd for kicks chopped the heads off of Kiyi's dolls.God, I'm running for Your heart. I'm running for Your heart. Till I am a soul on fire Lord, I'm longing for Your ways I'm waiting for the day When I am a soul on fire Till I am a soul on fire Zuko gazed at his terrified little sister. He cherished being a big brother. For him, it has been one of the greatest days of his life when Kiyi been born. He do everything and anything for her. As such, he didn't desire to see her so frightened. Glancing at his soulmate, she nodded, "Come on, Kiyi. It's time for your nap. Don't despair. I'll protect you," Akiko convinced the little girl.Zuko's best friends smiled as Akira spoke, "You are one lucky dog, Zuko. Not that there anything wrong with Mai or Ty Lee, mind you. However, you are so damn lucky when it comes to Akiko.""Stop it, Akira. I love Akiko for her soul, not her beauty. Though, yes, it's true. She does complete me.""By the way, how is Akiko's home life these days? Must be difficult when its the anniversary of her parent's divorce," Hideki replied offhand."Not really, Hideki," Zuko answered, "See how terrible Zhao was. The scoundrel essentially deserted his family on his wedding day.Akiko remembers how he never referred to her by name. Or how sharp-tongued and degrading he was to her mother. I'm extremely thankful my grandfather, Fire Lord Iroh, helped Lady Sakiko get her marriage invalidated.""Couldn't have been that challenging. Everyone knows Fire Lord Iroh's got the biggest heart in the world. More to the point how significant family is to him. So, of course, he do your mother's best friend a favor. That's the kind of man he is. He's one of the most reliable Fire Lords in history," Akira proudly stated."Akira, you're embarrassing me. Anyway, I promised I have tea with Granny this afternoon. You know how important it is to her we spend time together.""Well, given your great-grandparents are pushing a hundred, I'm not surprised how they want to spend any spare moment with their family," Akira swiftly replied."Yes, well, I need to get going. I hope we can actually finish our duel next time. Hideki, you are genuinely progressing in hand-to-hand combat. However, you still need to work a little more on swordplay.""Affirmative, Zuko. See you later!" as his friends left to go home. Smiling, Zuko headed to the extravagant gazebo where his granny preferred to have afternoon tea. Both of them fancied it due to the fact flower gardens planted by Fire Lady Kimana.Lord, let me burn for You again Let me return to You again And Lord, let me burn for You again And let me return to You again Grandmother Kimana's household were distinguished horticulturists. They cultivate and bred astonishing perennials. Plus the butterflies that tend them. His great-aunt Nurita was in charge these days. Auntie Nurita moreover cousin Ember did such an outstanding job. He loved his cousin Ember far more then Azula. It was always nice when they go to see each other.God, I'm running for Your heart. I'm running for Your heart. Till I am a soul on fire Lord, I'm longing for Your ways I'm waiting for the day When I am a soul on fireSitting at the magnificently sculpted table was Lady Ilah. Even at ninety-eight, she still possessed her legendary beauty. She and Calypso were chatting about something. Then his granny looked up in delight seeing him. "Zuko! So glad you could join me," as Calypso pulled out the seat for the prince to sit down."It's always nice to have tea with you, Granny. Akiko should be here in less then fifteen minutes to join us. She went to put Kiyi down for a nap. You know that's not always easy.""No, it certainly is not. I've heard through the grapevine that Azula interrupted you and your friends today.""That's fast, seeing how it just happened.""News travels quite fast in the palace. Particularly with the downstairs family," looking at her albino friend, who blushed."I didn't mean to speak out of turn, Prince Zuko. One of my friend's husbands is the imperial caretaker. He witnessed what transpired and relayed it to me. I'm sorry if it wasn't correct to do."Shaking his head, Zuko answered, "Lady Calypso, I don't mind you or Granny know what occurred. I'm slightly surprised you learned about it so swiftly.""Well, alright then. I'm sorry, my lady. However, I need to get out of the sun and cool down. If you excuse me.""You're excused, Calypso. Azulon and I'll see you and Aneurin for dinner tonight. Until then, see you." Lady Ilah and Prince Zuko waited patiently for Lady Akiko to join them. Then they proceeded to enjoy their tea. They chewed the fat regarding several different topics.The topics including their godmother, Xiaoying's forthcoming fashion show. All of Ursa's other friends would be helping. Rei and Kishi would do the models' hair, makeup and accessorize them.Saura's expertise would aid them in coming up with theme music for the occasion. In comparison, Yang's talent in Fung Shu would make sure positive energy flowed throughout the events.Akiko mentioned her mother. Lady Sakiko consented to model the showstopper piece that Xiaoying worked for months on. Except for Azula, today had been rather pleasant. Now, if only stayed that way.God, I'm running for Your heart. I'm running for Your heart. Till I am a soul on fire I want to be Till I am a soul on fire Till I am a soul on fire
In the darkest times, there is hope by ArtsyPandora
Digital Illustration
GNG OC Kokoro Bellydancing WIP by SabriSugar-chan by Dinobolt6



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