Sweet Pool fan art Entries
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Here are the list for the sweet pool fan art entry
Will be keep update~:

Sweet Pool Contest Entry by numb182:thumb143487808: SP-Miracles May by Sweet-Kuskus Sweet Pool - Raining Tears by Lehanan Water Illusion by yui-tohma Bajo la lluvia by Setsuna-Yagami:thumb150591496:
Hard day..Heavy rain... by Gunyuu The red road by LunaticRoseX Across by runno20:thumb152494816: Makoto and Zenya- Sweet Pool by Voiii Sweet Pool - drowning by splashesofmonochrome:thumb152304661::thumb155008821: Dreaming of sea by Setsuna-Yagami Calm by pommmec:thumb160801289: H2O - Sweet Pool by CatgirlMe H2O contest - Contaminated by lishtar Sweet Pool: Car Wash by DamoyoExectak:thumb165875880::thumb165982074: i love you ... ... by NeArtX

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UzumakiRamenProfessional Digital Artist
damn I can't believe I never finished my piece. :icononionfailplz:
I drew it all out in pencil, gathered several reference images, and had specific plans on the coloring of it and everything. Oh well. :shrug:

these entries are really nice!! XD
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i feel a bit sad my life is now controlled by deadlines, esp tonite when i remember this one's which i forgot...TT but the you got a lot of entries love, so am very happy for you!^^
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EndouHemelHobbyist Digital Artist
i thought the contest is closed!!!!! is it extended again??
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BrilcristProfessional Digital Artist
nope, it's closed already dear, i just update the missed entries~
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EndouHemelHobbyist Digital Artist
:iconotlplz: i thought i'd have more time but guess i'm still too busy...oh well...
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Everything looks so good!! :D
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elfubisoHobbyist Digital Artist
um, here's mine [link]
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emo-luxun-zaiHobbyist Traditional Artist
ne ne~ is it still open for entries?? >.<
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yukimeyaoiStudent Digital Artist
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FairyGostHobbyist General Artist
you forgot mine? *sob* T__T
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Dfly-As-FabiHobbyist Digital Artist
There is so many beautiful entries *-*
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Awwww~~ those entry so amazing!!!! make me feel hopeless with my drawing ORZ...
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Might I ask what 'Sweet Pool' is?
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BrilcristProfessional Digital Artist
it's sweet on the pool~
ahahah, no it's not,i wrote bout it on every journal header, u might find one on my very front page as well,please click it, read the article and follow the links that i already prepared for everyone~
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Beautiful Entries :love:
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CenaFenrierHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello I sent my entry yesterday oTL I was just wondering why isn't it in the update?? ;3;
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Wait, is the deadline May 1 or Feb 1?
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augh, am still not started yet. no inspiration TT. mebe i should go harrass my BL loving friend for ideas tomorrow after all... XD
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What exactly is Sweet Pool?:?
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BrilcristProfessional Digital Artist
here u go====>[link]

there's a source link on the article
just follow it,dear
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augipawStudent Filmographer
I want to have a try at this. x.x; I'm hoping the deadline's not too close though. I gotta find the old journal entry. D:

XD Well I think I wouldn't mind doing fan art for this since I played the game before. Seems it's getting more popular. :3 Lol Zenya and his pink apron man. Ideas~
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BrilcristProfessional Digital Artist
zenya is my favXD
will wait for u'r entry dearXDXDXD
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