SweeT Pool FanARt ConTEsT Open~!!!(updated!)
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The contest news article over here: ===>news.deviantart.com/article/99…
just fav it, in case u forgot the rule/deadline^^

Ladies n gentlemen we would like to announce our first contest for you

Our new suddenly doujinshi circle: カポリット屋 will release another collaboration title next year and since we already decided that our next fandom would be focusing with Sweet Pool title~ We decided to make a fan art contest in order to celebrate and encourage you guys to keep supporting us~XD

Member: :iconbrilcrist::iconbayou-kun::iconkuso-taisa::iconsobachan:

Yosssh~ here’s the rules n stuff

:star:What is sweet pool all about?:star:

Yeash~Our next doujinshi project would be focusing on Sweet Pool fandom I believe some of you might not know what sweet pool is about, Sweet pool is the newest BL (boy’s love) game released by Nitro+Chiral on December 2008.

The main story will focusing on Sakiyama Youji, A second-year high school student from Catholic private institution, who just came back after he absent for several months due to illness.

After that day at school, strange, weird n scary stuff happened around him…..

Sources :(Beware of 18++ adult material, yaoi, blood n gore stuff)
Official website==> www.nitrochiral.com/pc/softwar…
Youtube trailer=> www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOO2e1…
English review=> rahenna.livejournal.com/65603.…

For u guys who are not familiar with it, hopefully it can help while doing the research~

:star:Contest Theme::star:

Since the title was included “pool” word on it, the contest theme will be related with water~ you need to paint any activities or action that related with water or involved water.

it’s not limited only on the pool. You can, example: draw some beach activities, rainy day event, washing cars with wet clothes, drowning, etc etc, Any specific mood is fine as well, whether you want to paint a happy situation, romantic mood or angst related etc etc, as long as there’s amount of water involve. And please just water, other liquids are not count(blood, etc)

BE Creative guys~

:star:What to paint::star:

You need to paint at least one character from Sweet Pool, multiple characters are preferable, focusing on some related pairing, group activities, etc etc, are allowed as well~ no cross over character from different series (eq; sweet pool X lamento, u will be disqualitied-3-)

:star:Submission specifications::star:

:bulletred: Deadline is February 1st End Of May 2010

:bulletred: Any kind of media, traditional, digital, vector, are accepted

:bulletred: Winners will be ask for high 300DPI high res, so u better keep the original file.

:bulletred: Must be original artwork, No screenshot, tracing, Line art coloring, Photo manipulation, etc! But using resources (stock, brushes etc) are allowed.

:bulletred: I know this game was rates 18++ but please keep the rating to 15+, no hardcore stuff , light kiss still allowed:P

:bulletred: Color artwork and BnW artwork are acceptable as long as it clean and visible.

:bulletred: The entry must be new submission.

:bulletred: Can do collaboration, but u must share the prize^^

:bulletred: Maximum 2 entries per person

:bulletred: Note me the entry link after you finish your work~


:new:ENTRIES LIST:new:
here's the entries list so far, will keep update the page===>brilcrist.deviantart.com/journ…

:star: Price list: :star:
:winner:1st place
:bulletred:The winner artwork will be printed on the book
:bulletred:2 copies of our sweet pool doujinshi English (we plan to make two different books)
:bulletred:Goody bags (merchandise n surprise stuff)
:bulletred:1 months journal featured on all judge’s journal and news
:bulletred:3 months DA subscribe donate by Brilcrist

additional price~!
if the submission reach 100 entries or more we will give the out of print Sweet Pool art book for 1st winner

:winner: </b>Runner up:</B> :winner:
:bulletred:Will be printed on the book
:bulletred:2 copies of our sweet pool doujinshi English (we plan to make two different books)
:bulletred:goody bags (merchandise n surprise stuff)
:bulletred:1 months journal featured on all judge’s journal and news

:winner: 5 honorable entries: :winner:
:bulletred:1 months journal featured on all judge’s journal and news
:bulletred:Special Sweet pool wallpaper/icon set made just for u~

If you have any specific question, feel free to contact one of the judges below

Let’s get wet then, tehehehehehe~:drool:

Commission status < PENDING DUE MY SICKNESS TAT >
1) :iconriku-of-darkness:/2 OC/PAID/DONE
2) :iconripperbaum:/2 OC/PAID/DONE
will send after i get to indo, i forgot to bring the high res data-_-
3) :iconripperbaum:/2 OC/PAID/99%
4) :iconinthewings:/1 OC/PAID/DONE
1) :iconcreativeintelligence:/OC/PAID/75%
2) :iconkamidake:/character design/PAID/30%
3) :iconroosterblue:/fan art/PAID/DONE

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elfubisoHobbyist Digital Artist
holy crap.... I hadn't read very much description on this game before, but... is there somewhere I can buy it in english? XD I guess not, but it has been 2 years, so I didn't know if you'd heard anything (or even wanted to since you said you didn't like it)... even after reading everything, I'd be interested to play it anyway

but yeah, not being fluent in Japanese and all, it'd take me forever esp looking up kanji
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DamoyoExectakHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Wowwww I'm really late hearing about this (huff huff) but can the entry be like a little one page comic strip? Or do you prefer entries that are more like pin-ups?
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... ... i just noticed today's the deadline... ...
it is, right?
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BrilcristProfessional Digital Artist
no the deadline wa moved to may, please read the first journal
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err...........hope this's right
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AnonAzure General Artist
Looks FUN (^_^)
I'll give it a go...! (^_^)
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UzumakiRamenProfessional Digital Artist
we have until May 30th now!? yaaaay *___*
(I really needed that lol)
illusion-of-madness's avatar
illusion-of-madness Photographer
how do i jojin? and how do i show the reults?
illusion-of-madness's avatar
illusion-of-madness Photographer
how do i do for jojnig? and how do i show my picture? haha! am just a new fela!
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SweetIrisHobbyist General Artist
Uhm...I've checked all the suggested sites you put. Would it be acceptable if I base my entry mainly through what the review and trailer says? I mean, like I'll perceive my character pairing and idea on the review and trailer. I don't understand the language from the official site (I think it's Japanese).
darkensorrow's avatar
so, if we do this......what kind of paint should we use???
Seiramyu's avatar
I'm participating!!
BLAC-K's avatar
can tears and chibi be accepted?
UzumakiRamen's avatar
UzumakiRamenProfessional Digital Artist
I finally have time to get started!

I have one question. Would some of the pairings make absolutely no sense? I did my research and the characters look great, but I'm not familiar with the actual game so I would hate to end up drawing something that's like wtf those characters never even speak to each other. >,< ...or perhaps it doesn't matter since it's all fanart anyway...?
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yolklerHobbyist Artist
sweetpool >o</////
Maskuseless's avatar
Do we have to be 18 or older to enter? Love the art but I'll have to ref screenshots instead of actually playing :XD:
Brilcrist's avatar
BrilcristProfessional Digital Artist
the game is 18++ but since the contest rate 15+,the contestant can be any ages^^
look forward for your entry then dear:hug:
Maskuseless's avatar
Oh, good good! I'm definitely entering in my main account then! :heart: Thank you!
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uuuu, goodies from u? i really gotta see what i can churn out after comic fest this year!
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Cocodrillo Photographer
can we pair them like we want or there are some preferable pairings?
Brilcrist's avatar
BrilcristProfessional Digital Artist
u can pair any characters as u like dear~XD
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thecarefreeStudent General Artist
OMG this looks so cool...should I join or not ;___;

but dear...I don't CG well...and and and I can only use traditional watercolor and color pencils...is that all right with you? ):

I don't really know the characters much too ;__; but if a free subscription and some goodies are in it, I'm in :3

* I hope you guys are offering some Nitro Chiral coin figures too lololol*
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jessekyoProfessional General Artist
yay i love sweetpool! can i join? *~*
Brilcrist's avatar
BrilcristProfessional Digital Artist
of course honey>w<
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