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XMFC: My Barbaric Darling cpt 2

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Pardon for the messy inking, coz i just need some fun~

a fan comic page made based on X-men First Class Alternate Universe,===> ‘My Barbaric Darling’

it's about Anthropologist!Charles who found a defrosted Prehistoric Caveman!"erik" and he decided to observe him in his mansion for his journal report. The story is SUPER AWESOME and u all must read it!!

this page was based on scene at chapter 2~ and i still i wanna do more scene.... if i have time...TvT

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Oh my Gosh, how cuuuuuuute
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those expressions are priceless! its just so darn sweet i think my teeth are rotting! *cuteness overlode*
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Mwahaha.  Adorable.  I especially love the expression on realistic!Charles's face--it's like, "OMG, so hot, but must. stay. calm."  Of course, who could blame him? 
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I remember this fanfic! Drawing really fits with it, job well done!
This is perfect. From the cute chibi figures, to the one big panel of hotness! A perfect fit for the story! This always makes me laugh!
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This is so beautiful :love:

And so is the fanfic! I just finished reading the bathing scene :rofl: Oh Charles, I love you. <3 Such an adorable geek.
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it is cute and shoot my heart !!!!![rolling on the floor
crazycheckers's avatar
Ater seeing this i had to read was amazing and so is this! I hope you do more :D
MusicOverload's avatar
I am sooooo in love with this!
AtomicKitten13's avatar
I remember this story. It's so cute!
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you are my favorite artist really
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oh god this is so adorable :iconsparklplz:
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I'm not even going to lie; I'm a very new face in this fandom, and when I saw this artwork and read, that it was based on a fic, I was a bit more than just a little suspicious. Seriously. Then I came back to see this comic again. And again. And I don't know how many times again before I finally had the courage to read the fic behind it.

Thanks to you, I did read it. What a good thing I did. I don't even know how anyone gets this idea in one's head, but then again, one really did make it work : D Thanks to your art, I read my first fic based on this fandom!

And thanks to your art, I like this fandom way more than I at first thought I would!

James!Charles looks so much like himself, also like the look in his eyes, like he couldn't quite believe what has come out beneath all that hair and grime. Yet now that he does see it, he finds he kinda likes it (;
I also like the way you have kind of highlighted the "main scene" in this comic to look more realistic, and on the other parts, where the humour should be seen, you've used more fictive looking characters. I just find it very hard to take my eyes of the just shaved and groomed Erik.

Please, do more scenes of this one! There are just too many of them to let them all go to waste : D
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AoKudo's avatar amazing. LOL xD you made it look beautiful~ great job~ xD
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Thanks for promoting this fic. I was a bit iffy about reading it, but your art encouraged me to, and I'm very grateful!
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You should make the middle (left) drawing as a solo pin up :D Erik is so handsome there! :D
whiteANDorange's avatar
man, Charles is wunderkid with those scissors
Hinata-neechan's avatar
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heehee hahahaa XD this is just too adorable sweetie XD
TheGhostlyPoet's avatar
♥.♥ awww lol cute
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