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Iron Jaeger Design

I have tumblr, u can just reblog here===>…

Another supplement of my Shitty Marvel x Pacific Rim alternate universe
Tony n Jarvis Iron Jaeger design here,
Just called this Iron Jaeger ok? coz i dont have ability to make creative names like "Unicorn Yoga" or "Koala Salsa" blebleble

The pilot and His Copilot:

and i was cheated by the way...
i used Jaeger maker engine:…
as a based design and combining it up with ironman's element:D, sorry~
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Ah call this... Crimson Rescue !!
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I actually do draw them. But they're on paper. Look at my gallery. You will see them.
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This is awesome 
what if tony stark and the avengers had actually played a pivotal role in pioneering the jaeger program?

i could acutally see him building a uber powerful prototype jaeger in which tony and cap woudl provide the brains while thor and hulk would provide the brawn and with hulks gamam power levels holy fucking  hell that woudl beon incredibly insanely powerful sucker
I really want to see Iron Man fight Galactus now.
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This is way too amazing!
Marvel, make this as movie!!!
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Okay wow just WOW!!! Both Iron man and Pacific Rim are awesome movies.

Nice job on this.

Iron Giant (better name IMO)

Mark  5
Launch Date: April 14 (2008 movie), 2019

Height: 260 feet

Weight: 1963 tons (Iron Man's first issue released that year)

Reactor: Aircraft Carrier Grade Repulsor Chamber

Armor: SKIN Alloy Plating, Tungsten Frame

Overshock Repulsor Cannon
Wrist Mounted Anti-Kaiju Missile Launcher
Chest Unibeam Aperture

Anthony Stark always had a lot of money. His dad made a fortune founding Stark Industries, and when the Kaiju came, became one of America's top contractors to help R&D Jaeger Tech.
Tony, as his friends called him, never really was too worried about the Kaiju threat, since he had faith in StarkTech produced Jaegers. But that all changed when a manufacturing plant based in Malibu was leveled by
a Kaiju since the nearest Shatterdome's were all being repaired, killing everyone, including both his parents who were working there. Depressed, he turned to alcohol to drown his sorrows, until he was approached by Marshall Nick Fury, who had wanted to recruit Tony with the Avengers Initiative, intending to make a hotshot team to take the fight to the Kaiju. Tony reluctantly agreed, and upon arriving soon quickly proved to be useful. Meeting a young pilot named Edwin Jarvis who had lost his copilot at the Malibu plant while visiting, Tony decided he wanted to become a pilot. Although Marshall Fury was initially against such an idea, upon seeing his performance alongside Edwin convinced him that while Tony's mechanical genius was valuable, but his coordination with Jarvis would help the Jaeger program more. Thus, the two became the pilots, and both oversaw the production of a new Jaeger, with rescued parts from the bone yard and plans Tony's parents left, they christened it the Iron Giant. While the two pilots often share rapid-fire banter, inside the drift, they are among the most quiet, having a very deep neural handshake.
To date; Tony's unorthodox fighting style and Jarvis's analytic nature have bagged them five kaiju kills, with seven assists.

*Stark Industries Jaeger -grade Arc Reactor
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Looks really cool!
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You know the three armed Japanese jaeger? We'll you should make one with all four Fantastic Four! Call it the Fantastic Foundation!
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Now why was this not in the movie lol
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surely tony would not need a jaeger to take down those kaijus xD this is awesome though. a tony built jaeger would be really awesome though
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I love your idea. Seriously. :)
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This whole series is perfect! Pacific rim is is tony stark....combine and....more AWESOME!!!
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This is so freaking OP XD.
Forget Category V's, it'll take at least 5 Category X's to take it down. Or Leatherback.
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